Diet and Cancer Prevention

As a vegan, I no longer eat animal products.  It’s my intention to stay this way for the rest of my life as I believe it is the200BreastCancerRibbon healthiest way of eating.  But I realize that not everyone feels this way.  I will be sharing more about plant-based, vegan diets as a way to prevent and sometimes reverse some cancers later during this Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  However, I know it’s difficult to change eating habits and if you are a meat eater, it can take time to learn how to make the switch to eating as a vegan.  

However, a major disease can be a tremendous motivator to inspire change.  My prayer is that you never have to experience the ravages of cancer.  But the chances are that a large amount of you will as the numbers of incidences are unfortunately high.  Few people are informed about the importance of how food affects your health and relates to cancer.

There are some foods actually increase the risk of cancer, while others support the body and strengthen the immune system to help prevent the disease in the body.  The way of eating that has been foundt o be the best to prevent or fight cancer is one that is predominantly plant-based.  This diet includes a variety of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains nuts, seeds, sprouts, and beans. 

Increasing fiber in the body and avoiding trasnfats are additional dietary helps.  If you do eat meat, remember it has a high level of saturated fat which can feed cancer.  Eat as little as possible, just the size of the palm of your hand.  Instead of making meat the main part of your meal, make it the side dish and the vegetables the main dish.  These steps might seem simplistic but simple things can bring big results.  Read more about an Anti-Cancer Diet  for long-term health.

Move Your Butt – Bust that Gut

01runningshoesGee, can I say that?  I hope so because I want you to live life as well and healthy as possible.  Exercise is vital for health.  We don’t live in the days when work meant physical movement all day long so you needed to get rest when you got home.

Today, work primarily means sitting down all day.  The only movement you might get is moving from the front door to the car or other mode of transportation where you sit down. For some it’s moving from the bedroom to the home office which is even less steps.  Then you move to get to the chair in an office where you sit all day, mostly in front of a computer screen or in meetings, or somewhere else. You get tired but you don’t move a lot.

Even if work is being on your feet all day (which burns more energy) it’s not aerobic movement that burns calories, gets the metabolism up, and melts fat.

According to a 2012 article by Alice Park in Time, Health & Family,  “About 5.3 million of the 57 million deaths worldwide in 2008 could be attributed to inactivity, the new report estimates, largely due to four major diseases: heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, breast cancer and colon cancer. The study finds that if physical inactivity could be reduced by just 10%, it could avert some 533,000 deaths a year; if reduced by 25%, 1.3 million deaths could be prevented.”

That’s pretty serious stuff.  I don’t know about you, but that give me pure motivation to get my butt up and start moving it to bust gut fat and get rid of extra weight.

If you haven’t been exercising like you should today is a great day to get started.  How about getting up every 60 minutes to do some stretching, or take a 10 minute walk around the block.  You don’t have to sign up for a marathon yet, just stop making excuses and get yourself moving.

Read the whole article about this study and exercise:  Lack of Exercise as Deadly as Smoking

Self-Care is the Best Care

Woman Receiving FlowersI spoke to a dear friend today who told me about her self-care routine.  I was impressed and decided to share it with you as I intend to adopt some of her ideas myself.  But first let me tell you about the conversation that brought about this information.

I have a client who recently came to me about her stressful lifestyle and situation.  Her sleeping is off and she’s experiencing bouts of depression and crying.  After working with her for a while, I was shocked at how many burdens this woman is carrying each day in her life.  And what was worse she didn’t even recognize that all she was doing was stressful and unusual.  Unfortunately, her situation is not new.  Women often stretch themselves too far without a thought about their health and wellness.

Many are in situations where the thought of self-care is seen as selfish.  Women are still the natural care-providers in the home and sometimes out of the home.    Working a job and working at home can be considered natural.  Add to that a lack of sleep, carrying too many mental and emotional burdens, not having outlets for health and happiness, and being too stressed out and you have a dangerous mixture.

That’s what my client was under – a dangerous mixture.  Then she wondered why she couldn’t jump out of bed in the morning, why tears came to her eyes during the day at unexpected time.  I asked her when she had last taken time for herself and she couldn’t answer. That was an idea that had long left her mind.  She was so busy caring for others that self care didn’t even come onto her “to-do” list.

So today, the conversation with my dear friend turned to women and self-care.  My friend let me know that at her age in life, she was semi-retired yet still working to pay her monthly bills.  Yet, she worked hard for two or three days then took a day off to relax.  She might stay at home and read a book, sit outside for a while to feel the sun on her face, or go for a drive to a new location and treat herself to lunch.  Other ways to do self-care were shared but the main thing was taking time to care for herself.

I even picked up a few tips because self-care is not something I put on my schedule often enough.  A woman’s health can only be done by the person in the body.  No one can make you take care of yourself except you.  If you haven’t been taking time for yourself lately, think about all the time you’ll have to do nothing when you are either lying flat on your back in bed or the worse, dead.  That’s pretty harsh I know but it’s something women need to consider.  Self care is the best care.  For most, it’s the only type of care we haven’t mastered.

Take time for you.  Life is short and you only go around once.  Make self care a part of your normal schedule and learn to make it the best care you practice.

Jump-Start Your Metabolism at Work

I have recently been studying more about the dangers of sitting too long without doing exercise – something that affects the majority of workers in America.  If you have problems jump-starting your metabolism I will be sharing information about this with you very soon.  You’ll know if this includes you if

  • You’ve been gaining weight, particularly around the mid-section that is very difficult to lose
  • You find that weight is piling on and doesn’t want to leave no matter what you do
  • You try to exercise in the evenings after work but nothing seems to be happening
  • You’re even eating less, trying to bring in my vegetables and fruits and less saturated meat products but still not losing weight.

It can be discouraging to keep trying different diets and even working up a sweat on the treadmill but seeing little to now results.  When you find out that your work doesn’t have to be in vain you’ll feel better inside, the thing is getting you to be healthier inside too.  First of all it’s important to know that if you have been sitting for long hours each day such as up to 8 hours (common if you work at a desk all day) and haven’t exercised during the day, your metabolism might be on the blink.

Recent research in this area of sitting too long without movement is starting to show that exercising after sitting all day doesn’t have the positive effects you want.   The metabolism might be so negatively affected that it isn’t burning fat at all.  This can have serious consequences for your health and longevity.  The thing to do is to get moving right away.

During the day, time yourself.  Get up and move every 30 minutes.  That can be as simply as walking to one place to the next.   If you’re in an office you might not be able to get up and leave your desk that often so here’s some ideas.

  • Stand up by your chair and stretch
  • Stand up and sit down ten times
  • Do a series of 5 to 10 deep knew bends
  • Learn desk exercises and do them without getting up including pumping your legs to your chest 5 to 20 times.

Start there.  Of course, during your real breaks, be sure to get up and walk around. Don’t stay at your desk – move.  This will help to start getting your metabolism to wake up.


Some Hard Truths About Cancer

200BreastCancerRibbonCancer is a disease that has no respect for persons. That means it strikes anyone. I know, as I’ve recently experience this in my immediate family with great sadness. Baby Boomers are totally concerned with the ravages of this disease.

The question continues to be, can cancer be cured?

More than that, the concern could be, can cancer be prevented? Here is an articles that gives some new information and thoughts on this question. Note the relevance of nutrition and healthy eating and healthy foods as well as an active lifestyle as preventative measures.

Click the title to go to the article:  Proof That Cancer is a Manmade Disease

Seasoned Women Wellness Guide

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You will explore:

  • Changing your mindset for success
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At the end of end day, you get a thoughtful question or statement at the end of each topic that lets you think about how to immediately incorporate the idea into your life.  Also, you’ll find links to 50 resources for more information in areas of special importance to you.

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How Do You Care For Yourself?

When was the last time you stopped to take care of yourself?  In the morning before leaving for work or to start a hectic day, how do you care for yourself first?

The question might seem philosophical, therefore one to just ponder for a while.  But in fact, it’s extremely practical, meaning it is one to use, to put into practice in order to change behavior.

Self-care is really under-rated in American society and perhaps in many other societies too and particularly with women.  For some reason, it seems less than professional to stop and take care of self instead of always being on the go, taking care of others. 

A lack of self-care means facing a potential deteriorating of effectiveness in all aspects of your life over time.  For example, without good nourishment, your cells will become undernourished.  This can lead to all types of diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes and more.  With this, you begin to diminish in effectiveness and abilities to function at a peak level. 

If you are consistently tired, worn-out, your brain is not functioning at peak levels. You’re drawing on adrenaline to keep going, over-taxing your adrenal glands and causing fatigue to overtake your body.

Not caring for your skin can cause you to look older.  Your skin will be less fresh, having dead cells that make your appearance seem dull and faded.  

If you are a professional woman, all of these things can have a negative effect on your ability to appear energetic and productive.  The competition in the world is fierce.  Self-care could be the factor that allows you to be selected over the competition for the big deal or promotion because your “look” exudes confidence and potential.

Think again about the question, “How do you care for yourself?” This time, think about the real, practical ways you do this on a regular basis and what you can do to improve the response.

Season of Detox – Day 28!

Yeah – Success!  My 28 days of detoxing in raw/vegan format has been successfully completed.  I feel successful, healthy, lighter, and fulfilled in this attempt.  I haven’t stepped on a scale but I know I’ve lost weight because of a much flatter mid-section, ad clothes fitting much better.  In fact, I’ve moved from a large in several outfits to a medium; that’s huge.  All in 28 days without being hungry or feeling deprived.

This is the longest detox I’ve completed.  I would suggest to anyone to give this a go.  All you do is bring healthier, wholesome foods into your system for a month.  You eat what is fresh and easy to prepare and known to bring antioxidants and nutrients to your cells.  After spending this time caring for my health I can only look forward to encouraging more people to do the same.  I could continue on my path to coach on business development which I will always do for those that want it.  However, I know there is nothing as important as your health.  Once that’s gone all of the money in the world won’t do anything to make your life better.

Take care of yourself now.  During this month alone, I’ve heard of two people with issues with inflammation, one with diabetes, one with a bacterial infection.  Except for the infection, the others could have been helped or maybe even avoided with the proper nutrition.  My bet is that none of the people involved knew this or specifically what to eat or drink to help themselves.  I’ve also learned this month that diabetes in the US has become epidemic.  this is another disease that can be monitored through diet and exercises.  Yet that information is not fully out there.  There’s a lot of work to do in the field of healthy eating and nutrition.  I want to be a major player in helping this happen.

For those of you that followed this detox I want to thank-you for your support.  Now that I’ve chronicled the process, you can follow this as you go through your detox or just to get a sense of some of the issue you might face during your detox.    Also, I hope you will experiment with raw foods and detox foods.  Another process I will keep is eating primarily vegan with a high percentage of raw foods.  I feel my digestion is much better, and I’m anxious to have my cholesterol levels checked to see how they have changed.  I’ve been exercising more and with better results and believe I actually look younger.

For the last time, I will share my daily meals.  After my morning green smoothie, I ate some black-eyed peas and cabbage for lunch.  Later in the afternoon, I had a green salad with tomatoes and carrot dressing.  Dinner was an absolutely scrumptious broccoli stir-fry with tofu, mushrooms, and a bit of miso.  Yum- I wrote that recipe done for the cookbook Ill be writing later this year.

I intend to finish my book the Seasoned Women’s Wellness Guide in a few weeks, get the new website introduced and start gearing up with new products and services.  I hope you’ll become a part of my healthier community this year and at least start around to read the blogs reports and so much more!

Season for Detox – Day 27

I kid you not, I actually think I look a bit younger!  I looked in the mirror tonight and realized that some of the wrinkles in my brow had diminished; some gone away.  Now that was worth going on a detox for 27 days. I have to get to a scale to see how many pounds have come off.  I can’t tell although my clothes are fitting better.  I’m also feeling better and definitely getting the results of detoxing my body with better elimination. 

Another new taste I’ve tried is nutritional yeast  (did I mention this yesterday)?  It has a cheesy type taste to it.  I made the carrot based salad dressing with it a few days ago and had that on a green salad with tomatoes for lunch and a bit more for dinner.  Very good I must say.  My husband enjoyed it too since he ate it all without complaint.  I was going to go completely raw today but ended up finishing off left-overs; the Tom Kha Kha Soup and some of the black-eyed peas and cabbage from last night for lunch and dinner.  It was a chilly day and I wanted something warm.  Had another good night at the gym too.  Have to start going a bit earlier; we didn’t get home until 8:30 p.m.  That’s too late as we should be winding down for bed by then especially when we have really early mornings.

Tomorrow should be a special day since it’s the end of this journey.  I’m ready to go again – or to just keep going in this manner. I just ordered two new raw foods cookbooks yesterday (Cyber Monday) so I’ll decide which book I want to cook through when they get here.

Season for Detox – Day 26

Only two more days to go.  I’m definitely not ready to finish eating raw/vegan.  In fact, I’m so excited about this that I’m going to do some special episodes on raw cooking on my radio show Seasoned Women Health Radio.  Additionally, I’m going through the online raw cooking course by the well known Raw Chef, Jennifer Cornbleet.  My Raw Eating Coach Training will start soon and I’m going to study how to develop raw foods courses.  However, I don’t’ think I’ll be calling all of this “raw foods” coaching but a broader type of idea that embraces the health benefits of adding fresh, whole foods to the diet.

The primary reason for my venture into this is the health aspect.  There hasn’t been one day that someone I know hasn’t brought up a health issue or mentioned someone else with one.  Too many people are suffering needlessly because of wrong eating.  Yet they have no idea about what is wrong with their eating habits.  I was the same way only a few years ago.  And even though I had a sense of how to eat better, I recognize the need to make the full commitment to change life-long eating habits in order to be healthier. 

I can’t wait to design a health retreat here on the Central California Coast for those ready to come here to better themselves.  

Today’s diet was simple.  After a morning of the regular green smoothie, I had left over leek and potato soup for lunch.  My husband and I decided to go to the gym for a work-out in the evening so I threw some black-eyed peas in the crock-pot with red and green cabbage.  Of course, there was onion and garlic along with onion powder, cumin, Italian seasoning and salt and pepper to taste.  A great vegan meal that was enjoyed when we got home.

With only two official days to go I’m going to concentrate on some raw recipes to complete the detox.  To do that I’ll just go back to the original menu and recipes.  It’s late, I’m off to bed.