SEO Writing Still Matters

If you wonder whether or not search engine optimized (SEO) writing is still necessary, I say the answer is “Yes.”  SEO is one way search engines find information in the mass of billions of websites.  It makes sense that some type of system is necessary for search engine spiders to find relevant content online.  If not, how would they know who to categorize on top pages for a search or not?

It seems to me that Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) has something to do with the whole thing.  Not to get too technical but LSI is a process of analzying word usage in particular  content.  For instance it is a way to see how a particular word is used in the context as well as how many times it is used.  This helps to analyze the relevancy of what has been written. It recognizes whether or not the conent actually addresses what it claims to do.

This relates to any type of writing.  When you reach for a book to read you expect it to address what you think it does. People do an Internet search to find specific information.  I don’t know all the complexities of search engine optimization and how search engines find information but as a writer it definitely makes sense that using keywords correctly in search engine optimization makes sense.

Use keywords people are searching for combined with good, relevant content and that gives the search engine spiders something to find. It makes sense to me and I’m glad it does.  It means more relevant content will be produced to meet the expectations of what people go online to find.

Are you using SEO keyword rich writing in your web marekting?


New Year

Time moves so quickly sometimes. Christmas took forever to arrive when we were young. The older people used to complain about how fast it came around but that didn’t make sense — until now.

Christmas seems to arrive every few weeks now. Then the next thing you know, it’s a new year. Thank God for a new year. When situations get bad it seems like the new year may not arrive at times. And 2006 truly presented some hairy times. The world situation, the loss of 3000 lives (that we hear about) for a war, natural disasters that don’t even get a mention anymore.

Yet, the good times help to smooth over the bad. Writing about emotions is a good way to face and heal them. This would be a good time to put your emotions on paper, look at them, then decide if you should hang on to them or throw them out with the past year and bring in new hopes for the new year.

Write how you felt about 2006 and what you hope for 2007.

Why Search Engines Love SEO Content

You’ve heard repeatedly that search engines love SEO content. Do you know why? It has to do with the spiders.

If you’re afraid of spiders don’t worry; these won’t jump out at you. Spiders are the little robots that crawl through the web sites on the Internet to find pages that have content people are searching for.

Looking for web content is like going through a giant index in the largest book in the universe. The process starts when you type a word into a search engine browser. That happens when you go online and decide to type a word in the little bar at the top of the page. This starts a search. Immediately, the robots form the search engine shoot out into the web to find a response to pages that have the information you search for.

Pages are pulled up according to how relevant they are to your keyword. It also counts when the pages have keywords that match your inquiry. After finding the pages, these are presented to you in rank order.

That’ why search engines love SEO content. It provides the information needed by the spiders to find your web pages – or not.

Are You Linked Up?

Getting back links to your web site is an important way to improve your rankings on the web. Of course, you still need to get your site SEO optimized, but once you do, links help.

Want to know how to check if you have anyone linking to you? Well, here’s the secret link to find out.

link: (Of course, put in your domain name, okay?)

Now, before you go looking, let me give you a few “head’s up” so you won’t be upset if you don’t think all the link exchanging you’ve been doing with your friends is not working.

Links count when they come from sites that are relevant to your keywords. In other words, if you write about golf, linking to your friends who write about cooking will not give you much weight. You have to get links from sites about golf; that’s what will give you “weight.”

So getting links is not the only thing. You have to get the right links. But don’t worry if you still have to work at it. We ALL do, unless you’re a really established SEO’d Internet marketing guru. Keep working at driving good traffic to your site. Put up fresh content, do your blog posts, get on forums and continue to focus on you SEO optimization techniques.

Have fun checking back links!

SEO Rich Keywords

SEO rich content is one of the most common and most effective tactics for increasing website ranking. You can have relevant and informative content on your website but to increase your ranking, your content must use the right SEO keywords.

Keywords are the words people type into the search engine browser to find things on the web. For instance, you might have typed in SEO help. As a result, Internet spiders crawled the web to find a page of information that related to this term. The spiders went in search of the specific words you typed. These were your keywords.

Not every word you type in the browser will show up as a popular keyword. Th secret is to learn what words the majority of people use to search for the same information. These are the terms that become keywords. You want to use these keywords in your content to increase your SEO rankings on the web.

The following tools will make it easier to optimize your content:Keyword tools. While the primary focus of content is to provide valuable information it is also helpful to optimize the content for a keyword or keyword phrase. Keyword tools can help you determine which keywords to use in your content.Duplicate content checkers. Search engines often penalize a site if their content is being used more than once. It’s called duplicate content. In order to avoid this, and get the most use of the content you have written you can compare articles to make sure you’re not going to be penalized.

Why SEO Writing Matters

You might hear the term SEO tossed out if you’ve been on the Internet more than a week. But you might not understand what SEO means or why SEO writing matters.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a type of writing that focuses on making sure your website or blog shows up on the search engines. When focusing on getting ranked on the first three pages of the major search engines such as Yahoo, MSN and Google, SEO writing is a necessity.

Your goal with having a web presence is to have potential customers find you when they are searching for the type of products or services you have to offer.

Writing without using SEO techniques could mean spinning your wheels and never getting noticed. You want to get noticed – that’s why SEO writing counts.

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SEO websites are a part of 21st century media strategies. The problem is that most people either don’t have the time or don’t understand how to learn SEO techniques.

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