Writing in Unexpected Spaces

It’s one of those mornings when I got up early expecting to have two important meetings, but neither of them happened due to scheduling errors.  As one dear friend wrote, – That’s Life, Things Happen.  I appreciated those words as they are certainly true and we need to be reminded of them when the unexpected happen.  I thought about lying down for a short nap but decided to use the energy I feel in the mornings to write instead.  I’ve come to know my productivity rhythm over the years.  It’s first thing in the mornings and early evening until late at night.  The afternoons are when I need to take a break; that’s when the web surfing starts along with other distractions.

Since I’m working on another book that I want to get posted to Kindle next week it gave me unexpected space to write in the space where there would have been two hours of meetings.  This book will make three on Kindle so far which is getting me closer to my goal of posting at least 6 Kindle books before the end of the year.  I love to write so this is the perfect challenge for me.  I got distracted from writing for several months this year and ended up with a lot of unfinished drafts.  The books I’m completing are coming from those drafts although I might develop a few from scratch.  I’ll also be creating a few audio products.  This morning I worked on a chapter in my book on Creativity and Creative Thinking in the Workplace that deals with stress.  I’m just finishing up a little over 2500 words on that chapter so taking a short break to write this post and then stretch (always remembering my own saying that we have to remember to move and eat to stay healthy).

These type of mornings used to get my schedule all off track.  I had to learn to take responsibility for unexpected empty spaces that occur when schedules change.  Instead of wasting that time it can be used to get another project completed.  I will admit that I did get a bit off track though .  I just looked up and it’s 1:00 PST and I’m having my first meal.  Fortunately, I have a wholesome vegetable salad waiting in the fridge to grab.  I love eating salads, could do that all day.  This one is made with loads of vegetables out of the Talley Farm fresh product basket we got last week and this week, lettuce, broccoli, fresh corn from the cob, tomatoes.  I added olives zucchini and a big splash of hemp seeds and raw walnut for more protein.  A bit of Balsamic vinegar was all it needed. This is a version of my Big Humungous Veggie Salad that I keep prepared consistently.

I guess the point of the post is to encourage you to find time from the unexpected cancellations to do something to show the love to your business.  Spend time developing a new product or service offering.  Write something like a new SEO blog post, record an audio, read a book to encourage your writing. This is a way to market your business while strengthening our writing skills.  Then take a break to eat a wholesome meal too.  Make the most of your highly productive time when it comes to you as an unexpected gift.

By the way, if you need help with your Kindle book project I have space for a few writing projects of coaching clients.    Drop me a line at consuelo@consuelomeux.com.