Working on Overload

How often do you feel that you’re working on overload? That is, you can’t get through your daily “to do” list because you keep adding stuff to it? The projects on the list take longer than expected by hours instead of minutes; interuptions are endless. That’s my life right now.

The first thing that wants to go by the wayside is my writing. But writing can’t go by the wayside. Writing has to be the first thing to stay in the forefront of life. When you write you release some of the pent up frustrations that want to claim your body and mind. Writing reaches down and pulls up emotions that would otherwise keep you preoccupied and unable to concentrate.

Are you feeling overloaded right now? What’s making you feel that way. Today, make your writing practice your “to do” list and write out the steps that you’ll take to get through realistic goals just for today. That way you’ll write, release some frustrations, and provide a goals guide for the rest of your day.