Use News to Build Attention

Being relevant in your field can happen in many ways.  One of those is by attaching your blog posts and business information to current news.  This can be done in ways that highlight either a controversial topic of one that simply emphasizes more of what you do in the business.   There’s ways to do this that can be quite creative.

For instance, take pictures of a fabulous photograher making photo history of hard situations such as the situation in Ferguson.  After months of tension and growing fears of people who encounter police in trying situation, this type of picture gives a new view of possibilities.  How could you comment on this to draw attention to the fact that there are good people of all backgrounds out there. Would it be something of interest to your readers?

Another dynamic event is the freeing of three men after 40 years who had been on death row, convicted of a felony and sentenced to death for a murder they did not commit.  Are you writing on controversial topics? Would a piece on the death penalty and how it could mean convicting innocent people be appropriate for your business at this time?

The whole thing is that the story must have a logical connection to your blog or business.  This tool is a good way to be able to use keywords related to current events to gain readers for your words. These are two potentially strong concepts that you might not want to approach.  So look for celebrities to relate too or find something seasonal such as a Christmas story or another little known holiday to highlight. Use this technique as writing practice or for expanding creativity.

Too tired to sleep

UGGGGH! One great thing about being a writer is that you can write anytime of the day or night. Hurrah for the Blog that stands ready to receive the midnight posts from an insomniac writer.

Are you ever up late at night wondering why you are the only one in the house that’s NOT snoring? When you have insomonia

  • What do you do?
  • Do you get up and write?
  • Do you toss and turn?

Write about that for the next 20 minutes.

If you are too tired to sleep, writing about this might be the sleeping pill you need to turn over and drift off to dreamland.

Daylight Savings Time

I’m still sleepy from the time change. I can never adjust to daylight savings time. The switch gets to me all week. I was up at 6 a.m. (PST) this morning trying to do my writing practice. My intention was to get my writing work done early today but I’m falling asleep at the keyboard. Why do we switch times like this anymore? It’s dark in the morning and dark when you get home.

I guess the different perspectives on this have to be noted. I talked to a young person Sunday; a high school student. He loves daylight savings time. Guess being in the dark is more fun than being in the bright light all day —for some high school students. He did have an interesting point that football games just seemed more “right” in the dark stadium with the big lights glaring.

What do you think? Write about the switch to daylight savings time if you experience it. Do you like it? Is the adjustment quick and smooth or are you sleepy for a week like me?

If you live where you don’t have to switch the clocks, what do you think about this? Would you prefer to be forced to switch the time on your clock due to some antiquated rule on the government books?

Meanwhile, I’m going to catch a quick nap before my first teleclass at 9 a.m. this morning.

Working on Overload

How often do you feel that you’re working on overload? That is, you can’t get through your daily “to do” list because you keep adding stuff to it? The projects on the list take longer than expected by hours instead of minutes; interuptions are endless. That’s my life right now.

The first thing that wants to go by the wayside is my writing. But writing can’t go by the wayside. Writing has to be the first thing to stay in the forefront of life. When you write you release some of the pent up frustrations that want to claim your body and mind. Writing reaches down and pulls up emotions that would otherwise keep you preoccupied and unable to concentrate.

Are you feeling overloaded right now? What’s making you feel that way. Today, make your writing practice your “to do” list and write out the steps that you’ll take to get through realistic goals just for today. That way you’ll write, release some frustrations, and provide a goals guide for the rest of your day.

Food and Cooking Memoirs

If anything gets you thinking of family memories it’s food and cooking. What do you wait for during the holidays? Those dishes that only get prepared once a year, right? I love food and cooking. I love it so much I became the designated family cook in the family after my mother had to give the job away. I had the patience to cook the food in that “old-fashioned” way that let the flavors simmer.

Cooking in our home meant starting a few days before the holiday meal. Preparations went well beyond just making the food list. It meant cutting, washing, mixing, pre-cooking, real cooking, and final cooking. Holiday cooking was a real chore. Though I seldom feel like really cooking anymore, I don’t have the heart not to. When family comes to my house for the holidays, they make it clear that they come for the home-cooked meal.

I can’t deny that I enjoy how everyone eats until their stomachs are stuffed. Then they sit around waiting for an inch of room to get into their stomachs so they can stuff them again with more food.

Memoirs around food and cooking can fit into almost any family memoir. Who was the designated cook in your family for the holidays? Was it you? Write about your experiences with learning to be the cook. What was it like the first time, waiting to get reactions from your meal? Do you still carry on the traditions or have you started to give the responsibility to another member of the family?

Draw and Write

I saw the cutest family cookbook memoir today. A friend showed me her family keepsake. Not only did she have family recipes from the 1800’s, the cookbook included hand drawings of seating arrangments for the holidays. Apparently, her family was really into the etiquette thing and wanted to establish how the table was set and everything.

Family memoirs can include anything of importance in your family. Even if it wasn’t important to everyone else, you can record that memory too. Baby boomers have many memories that are unique so get them down as they come back to you.

What type of food memories do you have? Can you remember where everyone sat at the table during the holidays? This is a great time of the year to write a bit on food memories. Go for it!

Is it Stuff or Meaning Making?

So I’m writing this piece, right? I put myself in the chair and just start typing away. The words are flowing and they sound great. I hit save and yes, I’ve done my writing for the day. But I wonder, have I made meaning in my life with this or did I just write stuff?

Writing is such a powerful medium. The emotions it brings out in the writer go unnoticed most of the time. Yet writing is a medium that can be used for healing because of the ability to put on paper things that won’t come out in verbal words. Some couples find their primary way to communicate is through writing notes to each other. If that works, let it work.

Making meaning can just happen with the writing. At times, I ask myself, “Did I really do anything except put stuff on the paper this morning?” Maybe the anwer is , “No, that’s all you wrote — stuff.”

But still, words flowed. Everyday is not a day to be profound. But everday when you write your feelings to paper, you do something to help the words know that they don’ have to be stuck inside. They matter and have a life.

Get the words out. When the sufff is out, you can get to other wriitng. You can make everything count for meaning. Just keep writing and keep seeking to get to what counts for your writing goal.

Write stuff today. That is, deliberately write stuff that has been holed up inside for too long. Put on the timer and let the stuff flow. Then sit back and let the meaning making come out that was hiding behind the stuff you denied writing for so long.

Simple Days

Somedays I want simple food

  • *a grilled cheese sandwich
  • *tomato soup
  • *grilled cheese and tomato soup together.

just nuts,

just grapes,

simple foods.

Someday I need only simple pleasures.

  • The sun on my face,
  • breeze in my nose,
  • a walk–a long walk
  • quiet
  • a drive to just look at scenery

Simple things don’t require complications

They let me rest my brain, my body, my expectations.

Then I can begin to feel creative again.

Write about the simple things you enjoy. How do simple things let you feel your creativity?

Memoir Writing is Easy

Writing memoirs is the easiest writing you can do. You don’t need writing experience to write about stories of your past. Writing your stories makes you think of new memories all of the time. Soon you find you can’t stop coming up with stories. As you write, you practice writing. Writing practice makes writing easier and better. Soon you will even begin to feel like a real writer. Just get started. Think about a high school experience. If high school was great or not you went through it. What did you learn? Who was your favorite instructor and why? Did you have a crush on someone cute? What type of transportation did you take each day? Start writing about that and you’ll generate even more memories.

Way to Keep Focused

What is your color story? Have you ever written a story about a color and how it affected you? I wrote about yellow in my memoir writing time. I used to get sick from the color of yellow when I was young. It sounded strange but when I posted my essay on a memoir writing site, others chimed in about how a color used to affect them. It was nice to know I wasn’t the only one with this odd reaction to a color.

Write about a color and it’s affect on your life? Jot notes to write about other memories on your favorite colors, colors you don’t like, or colors you can’t live without.

By the way, now I enjoy the color yellow in my life. Perhaps I outgrew my negative reaction to it or the reaction served it’s purpose.