Vegan Diet Can Lower Blood Pressure

veggie-dinner-2Vegan diets are emerging as some of the healthiest possible.  Next to that are vegetarian diets which come in different levels.  Many vegetarians avoid meat, fish, and poultry.  Some include dairy products and eggs and are called lacto-ovo vegetarians.  Vegans eat no animal products including dairy.  The advantage of vegan diets include reducing the risk of  many health issues. 

Vegans have a cholesterol-free diet.  Only animal products have cholesterol so eating just a plant-based diet will not include cholesterol.  Plant-based proteins also help lower blood cholesterol levels.  In fact, some studies show that people who add animal products to their vegetarian diet signifiantly and quickly raise blood pressure levels and effect cholesterol levels.  Other information shows that a vegan diet is good for helping diabetes something we’ll talk about a lot more in the near future.

Season for Detox – Day 13

Wow, almost two weeks.  I’m feeling good.  Starting to see where I’m losing some fat too which is fabulous and great motivation to keep going.  I don’t know if I’ll stop for Thanksgiving next week or just keep going.  I absolutely love the first holiday turkey dinner for the year so it will be difficult to miss out on that.  Three weeks will be good but I’ll have to start weaning off of the detox before then or I might feel a bit ill from the rich food and turkey.  That means I’ll have to make up my mind about this no later than this weekend. 

Speaking of the weekend, I’ll be going out of town so I think my adventure will come to an end then.  That’s fine.  I knew this was bad timing for a 28 day detox starting on November 1.  I will be very motivated to pick this up again in the new year. Hopefully you will join me on a 7 Day Detox at that time. 

Well for today, I went simple.  Made a vegetable soup from tomato, broccoli, cabbage, green pepper, onions, garlic and water. Blended all of this in the blender, then heated it up a bit.  I have a bit of a cold from my late night last night and didn’t want to just go with cold food.  Later in the afternoon, I ate lentil soup and for the evening, had the rest of the mushroom and tomato salad from last night.  I added some greens, raw cashews and about four olives.  So it was a good day.  Going to bed early to shake off this cold.