Knowing When You Reach Success

When it comes to reaching success, it is necessary to remember that what works for one woman may not necessarily be right for the next.  Success and achievement are individual accomplishments and no one should confuse you about when you have reached your levels of success.

This was something I spoke to a woman about recently who struggled with knowing if she was considered successful or not.  The first thing I wanted her to do was stop waiting for someone else to acknowledge her as successful; she had to do that for herself.  Then she needed to look at what she considered to be a level of success in her life, not what someone else deemed to be the measure for her.

Success is what you see as getting you from one place to the next. It could mean you took one small step today that you never thought you could.  It could be as small as getting out of bed even though you’d rather stay there with the covers pulled over your head.  Or it could be writing a blog post to promote your business, even if you don’t have a large mailing list or wonder if anyone will read it.

The real truth is that there is no one key to achievement.  What is important is to keep your individual goals in front of you when thinking about your achievement and successes. Every woman will have a different set of personal goals that require a different strategy for achieving those goals. And then there are the professional goals that differ from one woman to the next too.

The key is to keep your eyes on the prize you select, not one that someone selects for you.  That way you will correctly measure your successes and be able to move forward with confidence.