Season for Detox – Day 27

I kid you not, I actually think I look a bit younger!  I looked in the mirror tonight and realized that some of the wrinkles in my brow had diminished; some gone away.  Now that was worth going on a detox for 27 days. I have to get to a scale to see how many pounds have come off.  I can’t tell although my clothes are fitting better.  I’m also feeling better and definitely getting the results of detoxing my body with better elimination. 

Another new taste I’ve tried is nutritional yeast  (did I mention this yesterday)?  It has a cheesy type taste to it.  I made the carrot based salad dressing with it a few days ago and had that on a green salad with tomatoes for lunch and a bit more for dinner.  Very good I must say.  My husband enjoyed it too since he ate it all without complaint.  I was going to go completely raw today but ended up finishing off left-overs; the Tom Kha Kha Soup and some of the black-eyed peas and cabbage from last night for lunch and dinner.  It was a chilly day and I wanted something warm.  Had another good night at the gym too.  Have to start going a bit earlier; we didn’t get home until 8:30 p.m.  That’s too late as we should be winding down for bed by then especially when we have really early mornings.

Tomorrow should be a special day since it’s the end of this journey.  I’m ready to go again – or to just keep going in this manner. I just ordered two new raw foods cookbooks yesterday (Cyber Monday) so I’ll decide which book I want to cook through when they get here.

Season for Detox – Day 4

I’m going to start journaling the day each night instead of waiting until the next day.  I thought it might be good to get the full 24 hour experience but it will work to talk about the night before on the next day. 

Well, today we had to “spring forward” with the clock.  I really don’t enjoy daylight savings time when it seems to get dark before the day really gets going.  But it won’t last too long. I will need to adjust my exercise schedule to get out in the morning for a walk or exercise instead of waiting until the evening to exercise. 

Tiredness finally hit this morning.  I slept to almost 10 a.m.  That felt good.   Feeling tired can be a part of a detox. The body is working hard to shake off the toxins that embedded in the cells.  I can appreciate the process.  

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that each morning is started off with a large drink of warm water with lime.  I really enjoy limes and have been using them instead of lemons.  I also have a huge green smoothies which I love.  It’s like getting a shot of vitamins rushing through my veins. 

Glad I had some of the kale and avocado salad left over from yesterday for lunch.  We went shopping for vegetables in the afternoon so I have all I need for a while.  It’s surprising how many vegetables you can go through in a few days.  However, since I’m eating mostly raw and vegan, the food is digested very quickly.  Therefore, I get hungry quicker. 

The first days took me by surprise with that and I was really hungry.  I’m starting to  get into the swing of things already even after only four days.  I have carrots to crunch on as well as the nuts. 

Today I lucked out. A friend invited me to a raw-vegan pot-luck at her church this evening.  It was fabulous to taste some new dishes.  There was a mock salmon pate that even had me fooled for a minute.  Also a demonstration of a “sandwich” made by layering a spread with vegetables and sprouts on a large collard green leaf.  I’m anxious to try that one too. 

Recipes were available so I got a copy of everything.  The timing on this is perfect.  Ate a lot but so did everyone else.  Had half a banana after getting home and lots of water.   Looking forward to Day 5.

Season for Detox – Day 3

Morning was met with a dull headache.  Don’t like this feeling.  There’s also a feeling of lightness which is actually a good thing.  I don’t feel as heavy as I do after sleeping with a big meal on my stomach.   I was up a few times last night feeling thirsty.  That probably means I need to drink more water during the day. 

A detox gets toxins flowing out of the body which means more visits to the bathroom.   That’s is a good thing as a detox is just that – getting those toxins flowing out regularly and well. 

Tried two new recipes today.  I made zuchhini spaghetti with a vegtable marina sauce.  I pureed about half of the vegetables to make the sauce which is the technique I do with mhy other marinara sauces.  Served this for lunch; very good. 

For dinner, I made a fabulous kale and avocado salad with cherry tomotoes and red pepper flakes.  It was chewy and satisfying.  Even served it to my husband who really loved it.  I served the salad with a baked sweet potato with coconut oil and added a pice of chicken for my husband. 

It’s nice to find recipes that someone who is not doing the detox enjoys.  Even though I don’t have to stay raw on the detox, that’s what I’m doing so far.  I’m really enjoying the new tastes and will continue to be as raw as possible on this detox.  However, I do enjoy warm foods, particularly soups.  

Got some raw almonds and cashews today too.  I need to be careful though because these can put on calories.  But raw almonds are an alkaline food which helps balance out the acidity most of us suffer with each day.  I’m already running out of vegetables; will need to go shopping tomorrow.

Season for Detox – Day 2

Why is it that as soon as you decide to make a change in your eating habits all of the temptations in the world seem to flow towards you?  

On day 2, Friday, it is time to go out to eat.  I live on the California central coast area so that means driving the 25 minutes to the beautiful ocean to eat fresh fish or even splurge with fish and chips.  And at only day 2, I am feeling hungry.  I want to snack on something crunchy and salty.  Fortunately, I realize these feelings come from the habits eatin. But I’m determined to get through.

My body is starting the detox crisis period when the cells start to let go of toxins.  This is the whole purpose of the detox.  Getting rid of toxins in the cells is the process that saves the body from disease. The more toxins you have the worse the releasing might feel.  The feelings from this process doen’t last forever but they can be unpleasant.  I’m feeling tired, a bit irritable and have a slight headache.  I also feel hungry.  But I’ve been through this before and know it doesn’t last forever; I’m ready to get a healthier body.  

Long story short, I got through the day.  Ended up my husband and I did some driving around to look at the ocean, de-stress and talk.  Afterwards, we drove back into town where he ordered a meal at one of his favorite restaurants to eat at home.  That let me eat my preplanned foods without disruption. 

The lesson?  Sometimes you just need to get away – get outside, smell the air, get a change of pace and distract your mind from your regular eating habits. 

Much of how we eat is unconscious.  Because of the foods you have in the home, its easy to just “grab something” and those things are what you normally eat even if they are not that good for you.  We are a convenience society.  But convenience can be deadly to the health.  Eating consciously can be a big transition, even for someone who is updated on these thing.  Learn from my season of detox.  I expect great results in the end.

Season for Detox – Day 1

Detoxing has it’s up’s and down’s.   The very first and most important step io take is to make up your mind to actually get started.  You have to decide to do it.  The determination comes in the head first; that’s what gets you through any type of change in your life.  I had to make up my mind to start on this Thursday morning.  So Wednesday night, I prepared the first day’s food.  The last thing you want is to wake up hungry, grab the foods you always eat and wreck the first day of a detox.

This one is new for me.  It is supposed to be for 28 days but Thanksgiving is coming before then.  So if I make it for about 20 days I’ll be happy.

Each morning I will stat by drinking cups of warm water. That’s not bad as I do that as often as possible anyways.  I also will have a green smoothie which is also one of my habits.  I’ll just include some lime or lemon juice to the smoothie and cut out the banana using only one apple for sweetness with my dark, leafy vegetables.   There are many types of detoxes you can do.  Most of the foods on this one are vegan, many, but not all are raw.  

It always feels good to get started – your body can feel so cleaned out.  I pay a lot of attention to my digestion anyway because of my health concerns and the detox is assisting with that.I have to remember to eat as much of the food as a I want.  The purpose is not to feel hungry all of the time.  A detox will often bring about a cleansing headache and some tiredness depending on how much you have to get out of your system.  So by the end of day 1, I was ready to get in bed after a long day of work.  So far feeling good and ready to try to the new recipes I have to use over these next days.  

Oh- I forgot to mention; it’s necessary to drink as much water as possible durign the detox.  Toxin will be moving out of th ebody so the water helps to flush them out.