Use News to Build Attention

Being relevant in your field can happen in many ways.  One of those is by attaching your blog posts and business information to current news.  This can be done in ways that highlight either a controversial topic of one that simply emphasizes more of what you do in the business.   There’s ways to do this that can be quite creative.

For instance, take pictures of a fabulous photograher making photo history of hard situations such as the situation in Ferguson.  After months of tension and growing fears of people who encounter police in trying situation, this type of picture gives a new view of possibilities.  How could you comment on this to draw attention to the fact that there are good people of all backgrounds out there. Would it be something of interest to your readers?

Another dynamic event is the freeing of three men after 40 years who had been on death row, convicted of a felony and sentenced to death for a murder they did not commit.  Are you writing on controversial topics? Would a piece on the death penalty and how it could mean convicting innocent people be appropriate for your business at this time?

The whole thing is that the story must have a logical connection to your blog or business.  This tool is a good way to be able to use keywords related to current events to gain readers for your words. These are two potentially strong concepts that you might not want to approach.  So look for celebrities to relate too or find something seasonal such as a Christmas story or another little known holiday to highlight. Use this technique as writing practice or for expanding creativity.