Is it Stuff or Meaning Making?

So I’m writing this piece, right? I put myself in the chair and just start typing away. The words are flowing and they sound great. I hit save and yes, I’ve done my writing for the day. But I wonder, have I made meaning in my life with this or did I just write stuff?

Writing is such a powerful medium. The emotions it brings out in the writer go unnoticed most of the time. Yet writing is a medium that can be used for healing because of the ability to put on paper things that won’t come out in verbal words. Some couples find their primary way to communicate is through writing notes to each other. If that works, let it work.

Making meaning can just happen with the writing. At times, I ask myself, “Did I really do anything except put stuff on the paper this morning?” Maybe the anwer is , “No, that’s all you wrote — stuff.”

But still, words flowed. Everyday is not a day to be profound. But everday when you write your feelings to paper, you do something to help the words know that they don’ have to be stuck inside. They matter and have a life.

Get the words out. When the sufff is out, you can get to other wriitng. You can make everything count for meaning. Just keep writing and keep seeking to get to what counts for your writing goal.

Write stuff today. That is, deliberately write stuff that has been holed up inside for too long. Put on the timer and let the stuff flow. Then sit back and let the meaning making come out that was hiding behind the stuff you denied writing for so long.