Season for Detox – Day 21

End of week three today.  It seems to have come and gone.  The idea of starting a 28 day detox seemed like an extensive venture at the beginning.  I wasn’t sure I could do it since my husband wasn’t keen on trying the foods.  However, what’shappened is that he’s been eating exactly what I’ve had only I prepare some animal protein for him in addition to the raw foods.  He also gets grains and maybe coked vegetables while I do the raw.  So essentially, he has also changed his eating habits during this period of time too.  It was gratifying that he mentioned this over the weekend to family and friends who also noticed the weight loss in both of us.  That was a great benefit of this adventure and very motivating.

Thinking of Thanksgiving tomorrow I’ve been looking at a lot of recipes.  I’m staying home in order to stick with my detox as well as to get some needed rest and reflections time.  So today was another simple day.  I had a butternut squash still in the refrigerator so I decided to make a vegetable soup using the squash as well as sweet potatoes, along with other veggie sin the refrigerator.  Soups are great ways to use left over vegetables while creating a warm comforting meal.  I also had a nice vegetable salad.  The tastes were pretty “One-note” today but I was satisfied.

Interestingly, I decided to prepare hamburger patties out of some organic ground beef for the hubby.  Included jalapeno chili’s, brown rice, and spices.  For an extra taste treat for him I added some bacon.  Then I got lazy.  I was going to bake them but decided to pan fry them in teh bacon drippings.  I used to think bacon drippings were bad for you but in fact, they are a good fat because they are a natural fat.  How about that?  Plus it’s not something we do on a regular basis.  Anyway, there were some home made corn tortillas in the refrigerator that my husband bought from a new tortilla place in town.  I decided to fry some tortilla chips for him.  I added some coconut oil to the rying pan for that.  I admit, I cheated and had a few.  They were worth the cheating – fresh homemade corn tortillas fried in coconut oil   YUM.

Well, I’m going to try something new for Thanksgiving tomorrow; two different carrot cakes.  One gluten free, sugar-free, the other raw carrot cake.  This evening I prepared the carrots in the food processor.  I’m making raisin syrup by soaking raisins tonight as a sweetener.  I’m looking forward to trying the recipes and tasting the cakes.   Will let you know how they come out tomorrow.

Have an incredibly wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!


Season for Detox – Day 16

I’m so excited about continuing with this detox.  I feel I could be doing a better job.  I realized that making these posts helps with the accountability that helps with motivation to keep going.  I’ve strayed a bit from the original food choices I had selected to use over the 28 days.  This was mostly due to curiosity about a new way of eating raw and some boredom with the set of recipes I had to support this detox. 

It doesn’t help to enjoy cooking.  It only makes me want to try new recipes.  Every time I find something delicious, low-fat, and healthy, I want to give it a try.  As long as it stays within the parameters of raw and vegan it could be fine with the diet.  What I”m finding however is that the less complicated the  food the better; not only for the detox but for the digestive system in general.  My tastes seem to be changing in this way in that I’m much more satisfied with less complicated flavors and seasonings. 

I’m also finding my palette to becoming more sensitive to what is in the foods.  I can taste seasoning more and enjoying the basic tastes of the various vegetable combinations.   I contribute this to cleansing of the digestive system.

Today, (yesterday now) was a complete Lentil soup day.  One reason for this is that i knew we would be traveling this weekend. I didn’t want to freeze the soup and didn’t want to leave it uneaten in the refrigerator.  I got such enjoyment of it hat I ate a bowl for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  For lunch, I added a very small handful amount of left-over brown rice that I had cooked for my husband’s dinner last night.  That gave a different texture.  Threw in a little salt and garlic powder.  Otherwise it was only the vegetables and that was it.

I’m a bit concerned about what I’ll be eating over the weekend in San Francisco but will take each meal one bite at a time.  I packed  my Blendtec Blender and made two packets of fruits and vegetables for green smoothies each morning.  This consisted of kale, parsley and celery, fresh strawberries and a banana.  Filled two gallon jugs of filtered water (I always take this to have in a hotel room), along with snacks of raw almonds and raisons.  That will at least get the two of us through breakfast and late evening munchies.

Got a late start; didn’t leave home until after 9 p.m. arrived in San Francisco after midnight.  Need some rest; that’s why I didn’t post last night!


Season for Detox – Day 11

This was a “wake-up call” type of day.  I got too excited about trying new raw dishes that were too rich and delicious.  Not that delicious isn’t allowed on a detox; but the contents of meals needs to stay simpler. 

The Phad Thai was delicious and exciting to develop but it was too rich for the detox.  I went to bed feeling like my digestive system was working too hard instead of being relaxed and calm. I will definitely need to work my way back to that level of eating. 

So yesterday I was back to eating less complicated.  It really is neat that eating raw can be simple, yet have the complexity desired with other types of meals too.  I’m anxious to try dehydrating foods in a few weeks.  But honestly, I’m pretty sure I’ll be heading towards vegan/vegetarian as the foundation instead of raw. 

It really hit me this morning when it was so cold outside.  I like warm weather and warm foods so drinking a cold green smoothie wasn’t something I looked forward too but the hot water with lime was great.  I’m planning on soups for Day 12.

So for Day 11, I made another kale and tomato salad which I’m coming to love.  I included raw almonds and bit of goat cheese for protein.  Earlier I had a green salad.  I still didn’t feel too hungry at the end of the day but quite satisfied.  I can tell that weight is coming off but I haven’t been on a scale for a few weeks.  Guess it might be time for that pretty soon.

Season for Detox – Day 9

I keep going on with the detox.  What about you?  Have you thought about giving your body a rest?  Consider these questions:  Are you tired of being tired all of the time?  Would you like to get rid of that foggy feeling in your head that keeps you from thinking clearly or having good memory?  Would you like to get rid of those body aches and pains? Then I strongly recommend that you consider doing your own detox program.

Here are a few reasons to consider this:

1. You never really know what poisons you are putting into your body through foods. 

As difficult as that sounds it’s very true that our foods are filled with toxins, preservatives, chemicals and genetically modified organisms.  Depending on how many processed foods you eat each day, you might never actually eat true food.  Instead you could be eating nothing but artificial junk made to look like food.  If you think about it,  what real food comes dried up in a box?  But that’s have we’ve been indoctrinated to think.   Getting the poisons out of the body is necessary to avoid really getting serious diseases.

2. Your need to clear your brain fog

Your brain is fed by foods just like the rest of your body.  We don’t think of this because you can’t see the brain putting on weight or getting “out of shape.”  But the reality is that you may not see it but you can feel the brain getting out of shape.  Don’t think so?  Well, do you ever start to forget things you know you shouldn’t forget?  Does your memory ever seem a bit poor?  Are you getting headaches or feeling tension in your head?   A lot of that is coming from the brain trying to process chemicals and preservatives instead of real foods that provides it with nourishment.  Clearing the brain from trash should be one of your primary goals when eating.

3.   Your cells need to breathe

All body health begins at the cellular level.  Your cells are nourished by the nutrients you put in your mouth.  These nutrients come from the foods you eat that go through the digestive process.  That means if you put junk in, your cells will be filled with a lot of junk.  By putting in nutrients rich foods you support the health of your cells.  That means keeping a healthier body that can withstand disease and knock off attacks from many bugs and viruses.  Healthy cells are the key to the fountain of youth.  Clogging them with nasty foods clogs them up and worse, can bring on early death from illness and disease.

Detoxing the body is a powerful way to help slough off the bad stuff you ingest in your foods.  During this time, you eat in a conscious way by preparing only the freshest foods with the most nutrients.    You become aware of what you’re eating.  It’s also a time to learn about whole foods and how to prepare them for life long health.   

You also get to eat fun things, like the cabbage leaf sandwich I created today.  I used a large cabbage leaf, spread with avocado, the mock salmon pate, thinly sliced cucumber and tomato, a few great seasonings.  Wrap all of this up and eat.  Wow, talk about good.  Had two of these and felt satisfied all afternoon. 

Without this detox I probably wouldn’t be finding these great recipes to try and being so conscious of how these fresh, new foods are affecting my body.  Think about joining me in your own detox.  Believe me, it’s worth it.


Season for Detox – Day 7

The first full week of the detox has been completed.  This is becoming an enjoyable experience.   What I feel after one week is less brain fog.  It’s good to feel that I can remember things better, all by letting my body get cleansed.  I don’t miss meats yet.  I’ve been enjoying learning to combine new produce together.  What’s interesting is that I often feel stuck about what to fix to eat yet I’m only faced with fruits and vegetables. 

Something I learned from Alissa Cohen is that it’s important to have a lot of food prepared when you first start eating fresh and raw foods because you will be hungry quickly.  I didn’t do that so hunger creeps up on me.  The good thing is that it is easy to put a meal together with raw foods.  But better planning will make it better.  I think I’ll follow Alissa Cohen’s week of foods for week two.  

Well for day 7 I created a raw green soup with avocado, spinach, tomato and  few other ingredients.  Again, very fresh, and comforting.  With that I sauteed some Swiss chard with onions, garlic and a splash of rice vinegar, so I wasn’t totally raw today.  That was for dinner.  For lunch I ate some left-overs from yesterday; cabbage with corn and carrots along with a little bit of the sweet potato fries.  

I’m really tired tonight.  I stayed up very late watching the election returns last night then got up exceptionally early with the idea of getting a nap in the afternoon.  Of course, that never happened.  I’m trying to set up my own detox program to offer but will finish that up tomorrow.

Season for Detox – Day 6

Okay – for day 6 of my detox I almost wanted to go out and buy a bag of potato chips; the well-baked, salt and cracked pepper type that gives a great crunch.  But I resisted and I’m glad I did.  So after that little crisis I got into my huge bag of baby carrots to get my crunch. 

For the morning was a big salad, had two or three bananas as snacks.  Dinner was sauteed, thinly sliced cabbage with garlic, onions, flavored with cumin, and other spices.  I also added carrots and corn kernel’s to the mix that made it very hearty.  

Added to the meal were baked sweet potato fries.  I tried to make sweet potato chips  but couldn’t get the potatoes sliced thin enough with my mandolin or other tools.  Will have to work on that.  I want to create my own, healthy crunchy chips.  

So by the end of the day it ended up being a good detox experience. 

I also got a new raw cookbook today; Going Raw by Judita Wignall.  Now I’m trying to decide which cookbook to start with to learn more about raw foods.  I want to select one cookbook and go through it, similar to the Julia and Julie idea.  I have one more on the way and I’ll decide after that; will let you know.

What about you?  Are you ready to take steps to do something really big about your health?  Are you ready for a detox?  If so, I’m ready to work with you.   Find out about the 7 Day Detox to get you started.

Season for Detox – Day 5

Five days in and I’m feeling fine!  It’s getting more exciting to try new foods each day on this detox.  One thing I’m learning is to have something to eat before you get too hungry, and eating raw vegan will let you get hungry more often than eating animal proteins and fats.  

At least I know the foods are being digested;  the stomach is being emptied quickly and there is an increase in eliminations.  Both great signs of detoxing.  It’s difficult to say if it’s the detox or not, but my skin is looking clearer already.  However, I also changed to a gentler cleanser and moisturizer so that’s why I don’t know if it’s the detox or not, or both.

Today, I made a ginger, tomato soup for lunch.  I had some left over coconut cream so added that in which gave it a smooth taste.   The soup was really delicious. I even decided to try it hot instead of lukewarm and enjoyed it even more.  I’m anxious to try this soup with some crackers made in my dehydrator.  I haven’t even pulled that tool out of the box yet but I’m starting to feel braver.

Dinner was a huge green salad with corn, tomatoes, celery, green onions, parsley, spinach, lettuce, and a dressing of oil, vinegar a bit of mustard, salt and pepper.  I was really hungry by dinnetime so I ate a lot of this fresh salad.

I don’t know if I’ll stay raw but it is definitely fun exploring these new food creations.  The health benefits can’t be topped.  Each meal loads you up with vitamins and minerals from fresh, wholesome food, the best source of nutrients. 

A plant based diet has also been shown to provide healing benefits but repairing a body from inside out.  I just have to be strong when preparing other foods for other people in the house.  I’m hopeful, it will all work out.



Season for Detox – Day 1

Detoxing has it’s up’s and down’s.   The very first and most important step io take is to make up your mind to actually get started.  You have to decide to do it.  The determination comes in the head first; that’s what gets you through any type of change in your life.  I had to make up my mind to start on this Thursday morning.  So Wednesday night, I prepared the first day’s food.  The last thing you want is to wake up hungry, grab the foods you always eat and wreck the first day of a detox.

This one is new for me.  It is supposed to be for 28 days but Thanksgiving is coming before then.  So if I make it for about 20 days I’ll be happy.

Each morning I will stat by drinking cups of warm water. That’s not bad as I do that as often as possible anyways.  I also will have a green smoothie which is also one of my habits.  I’ll just include some lime or lemon juice to the smoothie and cut out the banana using only one apple for sweetness with my dark, leafy vegetables.   There are many types of detoxes you can do.  Most of the foods on this one are vegan, many, but not all are raw.  

It always feels good to get started – your body can feel so cleaned out.  I pay a lot of attention to my digestion anyway because of my health concerns and the detox is assisting with that.I have to remember to eat as much of the food as a I want.  The purpose is not to feel hungry all of the time.  A detox will often bring about a cleansing headache and some tiredness depending on how much you have to get out of your system.  So by the end of day 1, I was ready to get in bed after a long day of work.  So far feeling good and ready to try to the new recipes I have to use over these next days.  

Oh- I forgot to mention; it’s necessary to drink as much water as possible durign the detox.  Toxin will be moving out of th ebody so the water helps to flush them out.