Season for Detox – Day 20

This was a fun. first full day back at home, detox day.  Feels good to be back in my refrigerator and kitchen area.  I love the fact that I can always find something wonderful to grab to fix with this way of eating.  For instance, when I pick up any of my raw foods cookbooks or the materials in the detox, I usually have most of the ingredients already in my refrigerator or on the kitchen counter, such as onions, limes and so on.  I realize that I haven’t been totally raw in that I’ve had several cooked potatoes and warm soups.  But the transition has been easy while gradual.  I don’t miss meat but I do miss variety that some other types of protein previously provided.  However, I think learning new recipes will help take care of that.  In fact, I’m already considering how to proceed in a raw/vegan way after finishing in a few days.

Well, today was a simple day food wise.  I find that after splurging with loads of ingredients and tastes, my body is happy to be simple again.  Left over kale, avocado salad for lunch, a big vegetable salad with everything in it for dinner (olives, celery, leeks, onions, bell peppers, the works).  Had raw almonds and raisins for a snack.  Also went for a great walk in the fresh, cool air that really made a difference letting me feel exuberant.  Had a early evening, felt tired. I’m learning to pay attention to my need for rest which is another benefit of detoxing. I will also share that my digestion is doing very well.  That helps with the energy too.

By the way, another benefit from this experience is a deeper feeling spiritually about life.  I’ve always been a spiritually focused person.  However, this experience seems different in that I feel more connected to my life purpose and the desire to be honest about what I really want to do at this time in my life.  That is HUGE for me.  Somehow instead of feeling I have to be all things to all people, I realize that I need first to give my all to my God.  I think in many ways, like many others, I feel I’m doing this already but now realize that I’ve tried to hold on and take control of much of my life by myself.  This is a refreshing and humbling revelation.  Who knew eating clean, fresh, foods could become a spiritual experience?  Praise God!




Season of Detox – Day 19

It’s so good to be back on track.  This was still a travel day but I was fortunate to be able to get back on track with my detox as well as exercising.  It was great to spend an extra night in San Francisco relaxing after a long weekend.  Sometimes, traveling can be more tiresome than staying at home for the weekend.  Anyway, this morning I had a teleseminar so didn’t really get anything to eat.  That was the bad part.  I didn’t have fruit so skipped my smoothie.  Besides, the kale looked a bit wilted after three days.   So meal one wiwas with family at BJ’s Restuarant.  Fortunately, I know that they have salads and potatoes.  White potatoes are not the best choice for a detox because of their high startch levels but they’re better than nothing. 

Had  a good power walk around the mini-lake outside of the hotel in crisp fresh weather before heading to lunch with family members. I had a garden salad with oil and vinegar dressing and half of a classic baked potato, sour creama nd butter with chives on the side.  I admit I used about half of the condiments with some salt and pepper.  It was filling and satisfying.  I wasn’t tempted to consume any of the meat products at all.  Got home and felt hungry again.  Ate some red grapes which tasted sweet and divine.  Then made a Kale, Avocado and Tomato Salad.  It’s fun to have a few new recipes under my belt.  I’m starting to see how easy a raw life can be since you really don’t have to do a lot to have a meal.  

Going to bed early tonight, around 9 p.m.  Very tired from staying up too late and not sleeping in my own bed.  Can’t wait to get under the covers tonight.

Anti-Aging Tip #5 – The Smoking Factor

Smoking cigarettes has been shown to increase the aging process.  It has also been found to be similar to the  a rare genetic disorder called Werner’s syndrome  which speeds up the aging process making people as young as 20 show signs of aging.  This is just one negative affect cigarettes can have on the body.  Still, more than one-fifth of U.S. adults, or 46 million people, still smoke, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Cigarettes can contain more than 4,000 ingredients, which, when burned, can also produce over 200 ‘compound’ chemicals.  Cigarettes also cut down on the lifespan by increasing your risk for several cancers such as lung and throat. Smoking also does great damage to the skin before its time by reducing blood flow to the skin. This damages skin, causes early wrinkles, and interferes with the skin’s natural defense against free radicals.

Athough it’s not easy, if you smoke, do whatever  is necessary to quit.  To help, grab some over-the-counter nicotine gum. In a review of 123 studies published in 2004, nicotine gum and other replacement treatments such as the patch upped the odds of quitting by two times compared to relying on willpower alone.