Season for Detox – Day 20

This was a fun. first full day back at home, detox day.  Feels good to be back in my refrigerator and kitchen area.  I love the fact that I can always find something wonderful to grab to fix with this way of eating.  For instance, when I pick up any of my raw foods cookbooks or the materials in the detox, I usually have most of the ingredients already in my refrigerator or on the kitchen counter, such as onions, limes and so on.  I realize that I haven’t been totally raw in that I’ve had several cooked potatoes and warm soups.  But the transition has been easy while gradual.  I don’t miss meat but I do miss variety that some other types of protein previously provided.  However, I think learning new recipes will help take care of that.  In fact, I’m already considering how to proceed in a raw/vegan way after finishing in a few days.

Well, today was a simple day food wise.  I find that after splurging with loads of ingredients and tastes, my body is happy to be simple again.  Left over kale, avocado salad for lunch, a big vegetable salad with everything in it for dinner (olives, celery, leeks, onions, bell peppers, the works).  Had raw almonds and raisins for a snack.  Also went for a great walk in the fresh, cool air that really made a difference letting me feel exuberant.  Had a early evening, felt tired. I’m learning to pay attention to my need for rest which is another benefit of detoxing. I will also share that my digestion is doing very well.  That helps with the energy too.

By the way, another benefit from this experience is a deeper feeling spiritually about life.  I’ve always been a spiritually focused person.  However, this experience seems different in that I feel more connected to my life purpose and the desire to be honest about what I really want to do at this time in my life.  That is HUGE for me.  Somehow instead of feeling I have to be all things to all people, I realize that I need first to give my all to my God.  I think in many ways, like many others, I feel I’m doing this already but now realize that I’ve tried to hold on and take control of much of my life by myself.  This is a refreshing and humbling revelation.  Who knew eating clean, fresh, foods could become a spiritual experience?  Praise God!




Season for Detox – Day 15

I’m posting late for day’s 15 and 16 although I wrote my information in a food journal.  One thing I probably haven’t emphasized enough is the need to keep a good food journal while you’re on your detox and for weight loss purposes.  A food journal is a private and intense way to help you take control of your eating and eating habits.  By tracking what you eat and when you eat it, an analysis can be done to determine how your health is developing.  These daily posts are a basic example of a food journal type  posting. 

A more formal posting and one that provides better information will include much more detailed information.  For instance, here is what you can post in a food journal to make it a real accounting of how food consumption works in your life. 

1. the exact foods your eat and the amount.  Even a “Handful” should be counted.

2. The  weight or volume consumed.  For instance, 8 ounces or 1 pound.

3. The servings.  For example, did you have one serving of an 8 ounce portion or 3?

4. Time of day you ate the food.  For instanc,e how long after rising in the morning did you eat breakfast?

5. Atmosphere you ate in.  That is, was it at home, in a restaurant, walking down the street eating an ice-cream, etc.?

6. How you felt after eating.  Were you stuffed?  Did you feel sick?  Did your stomach hurt? Were you satisfied?

I haven’t shared all of these information with you in my daily journals.  The purpose has been to get you thinking about doing a detox of any length, either lengthy or short.  If you decide to work with me on a detox you will learn to develop this information for your own benefit.

As for my food consumption for day 15, I have to say I really did enjoy my own Lentil soup.  After having a green smoothie for breakfast I ate my homemade lentil soup for lunch.  It was very filling and hearty consisting solely of lentils and a variety of vegetables including red bell pepper, onions, garlic, celery, and some kale.  I think that it was warm helped me enjoy it.  The raw foods are great but I enjoy hot foods.

For dinner, it was a great salad with half an avocado.  The salad was just spinach, cilantro, parsley, celery, and so on.  A little oil and vinegar, salt and pepper made it complete.     Of course I added a few handfuls of raw nuts and raisins as snacks.  Overall, a good day.

Season for Detox – Day 14

This is a milestone day – the end of two weeks of detoxing.  This is the longest detox I’ve attempted.  I realized early this morning that those cold symptoms I was having weren’t really a cold, but detox symptoms.  It’s very common to have what seems like a cold or flu when on an extended detox.  That’s because the body is shaking off toxins that have been locked into cells for a long period of time. 

As these toxins are released, the body goes through a type of detox crisis.  The crisis can make you feel sick or show symptoms of illnesses such as cold, flu, aches and pains and so on.  When I detoxed off of caffeine (probably two years ago for about 7 days)  my whole body hurt.  I remember being under the blankets one night literally with my whole body having the shakes.  I’m sure it was no different from a junkie detoxing off of drugs. 

The thing is I didn’t think about during that week was that I also went cold-turkey off of sugar; a real drug.  So my body was going through a detox of multiple drugs at once. Since that time I’ve gotten back on sugar for an extent but can’t handle too much of it at a time as I really feel the deep effects of eating too much sugar.

 I’ve not gone back on caffeine though as I just don’t want to go through that experience of detoxing from those drugs again.   There is something great about cleaning out this one body we were given at birth.  There are too many diseases that invade the body because of personal irresponsibility and bad eating habits. I’ll be talking more about that in the next weeks. 

For today, a quick run down of what Day 14 held for the detox.  I started the day with a green smoothie as I have each day over the past two weeks.  Then I decided to just make a lovely root vegetable soup to warm up my insides a bit.  So I grabbed what I had; onions, garlic and a gorgeous leek I picked up at the market yesterday.  I actually sauteed these vegetables in coconut oil which gave the soup that rich, tropical, nutty flavor.   Then I decided to put in a bit of butternut squash, turnip and a few handfuls of lentils.  The lentils meant simmering the soup for at least 40 minutes to get them softened up. 

I have to say, this was one of the best dishes I’ve had during this time; rich, hearty, and comforting.  I ate it for lunch and dinner.  Dessert was a handful of red grapes with loads of water.  A good eating day, a good day of realizing that this wonderfully made body is healing itself.