Season of Detox – Day 28!

Yeah – Success!  My 28 days of detoxing in raw/vegan format has been successfully completed.  I feel successful, healthy, lighter, and fulfilled in this attempt.  I haven’t stepped on a scale but I know I’ve lost weight because of a much flatter mid-section, ad clothes fitting much better.  In fact, I’ve moved from a large in several outfits to a medium; that’s huge.  All in 28 days without being hungry or feeling deprived.

This is the longest detox I’ve completed.  I would suggest to anyone to give this a go.  All you do is bring healthier, wholesome foods into your system for a month.  You eat what is fresh and easy to prepare and known to bring antioxidants and nutrients to your cells.  After spending this time caring for my health I can only look forward to encouraging more people to do the same.  I could continue on my path to coach on business development which I will always do for those that want it.  However, I know there is nothing as important as your health.  Once that’s gone all of the money in the world won’t do anything to make your life better.

Take care of yourself now.  During this month alone, I’ve heard of two people with issues with inflammation, one with diabetes, one with a bacterial infection.  Except for the infection, the others could have been helped or maybe even avoided with the proper nutrition.  My bet is that none of the people involved knew this or specifically what to eat or drink to help themselves.  I’ve also learned this month that diabetes in the US has become epidemic.  this is another disease that can be monitored through diet and exercises.  Yet that information is not fully out there.  There’s a lot of work to do in the field of healthy eating and nutrition.  I want to be a major player in helping this happen.

For those of you that followed this detox I want to thank-you for your support.  Now that I’ve chronicled the process, you can follow this as you go through your detox or just to get a sense of some of the issue you might face during your detox.    Also, I hope you will experiment with raw foods and detox foods.  Another process I will keep is eating primarily vegan with a high percentage of raw foods.  I feel my digestion is much better, and I’m anxious to have my cholesterol levels checked to see how they have changed.  I’ve been exercising more and with better results and believe I actually look younger.

For the last time, I will share my daily meals.  After my morning green smoothie, I ate some black-eyed peas and cabbage for lunch.  Later in the afternoon, I had a green salad with tomatoes and carrot dressing.  Dinner was an absolutely scrumptious broccoli stir-fry with tofu, mushrooms, and a bit of miso.  Yum- I wrote that recipe done for the cookbook Ill be writing later this year.

I intend to finish my book the Seasoned Women’s Wellness Guide in a few weeks, get the new website introduced and start gearing up with new products and services.  I hope you’ll become a part of my healthier community this year and at least start around to read the blogs reports and so much more!

Season for Detox – Day 14

This is a milestone day – the end of two weeks of detoxing.  This is the longest detox I’ve attempted.  I realized early this morning that those cold symptoms I was having weren’t really a cold, but detox symptoms.  It’s very common to have what seems like a cold or flu when on an extended detox.  That’s because the body is shaking off toxins that have been locked into cells for a long period of time. 

As these toxins are released, the body goes through a type of detox crisis.  The crisis can make you feel sick or show symptoms of illnesses such as cold, flu, aches and pains and so on.  When I detoxed off of caffeine (probably two years ago for about 7 days)  my whole body hurt.  I remember being under the blankets one night literally with my whole body having the shakes.  I’m sure it was no different from a junkie detoxing off of drugs. 

The thing is I didn’t think about during that week was that I also went cold-turkey off of sugar; a real drug.  So my body was going through a detox of multiple drugs at once. Since that time I’ve gotten back on sugar for an extent but can’t handle too much of it at a time as I really feel the deep effects of eating too much sugar.

 I’ve not gone back on caffeine though as I just don’t want to go through that experience of detoxing from those drugs again.   There is something great about cleaning out this one body we were given at birth.  There are too many diseases that invade the body because of personal irresponsibility and bad eating habits. I’ll be talking more about that in the next weeks. 

For today, a quick run down of what Day 14 held for the detox.  I started the day with a green smoothie as I have each day over the past two weeks.  Then I decided to just make a lovely root vegetable soup to warm up my insides a bit.  So I grabbed what I had; onions, garlic and a gorgeous leek I picked up at the market yesterday.  I actually sauteed these vegetables in coconut oil which gave the soup that rich, tropical, nutty flavor.   Then I decided to put in a bit of butternut squash, turnip and a few handfuls of lentils.  The lentils meant simmering the soup for at least 40 minutes to get them softened up. 

I have to say, this was one of the best dishes I’ve had during this time; rich, hearty, and comforting.  I ate it for lunch and dinner.  Dessert was a handful of red grapes with loads of water.  A good eating day, a good day of realizing that this wonderfully made body is healing itself.

Season for Detox – Day 13

Wow, almost two weeks.  I’m feeling good.  Starting to see where I’m losing some fat too which is fabulous and great motivation to keep going.  I don’t know if I’ll stop for Thanksgiving next week or just keep going.  I absolutely love the first holiday turkey dinner for the year so it will be difficult to miss out on that.  Three weeks will be good but I’ll have to start weaning off of the detox before then or I might feel a bit ill from the rich food and turkey.  That means I’ll have to make up my mind about this no later than this weekend. 

Speaking of the weekend, I’ll be going out of town so I think my adventure will come to an end then.  That’s fine.  I knew this was bad timing for a 28 day detox starting on November 1.  I will be very motivated to pick this up again in the new year. Hopefully you will join me on a 7 Day Detox at that time. 

Well for today, I went simple.  Made a vegetable soup from tomato, broccoli, cabbage, green pepper, onions, garlic and water. Blended all of this in the blender, then heated it up a bit.  I have a bit of a cold from my late night last night and didn’t want to just go with cold food.  Later in the afternoon, I ate lentil soup and for the evening, had the rest of the mushroom and tomato salad from last night.  I added some greens, raw cashews and about four olives.  So it was a good day.  Going to bed early to shake off this cold.

Season for Detox – Day 12

I actually missed posting my detox experience yesterday.  Funny how you can almost forget what you ate in a very short period of time.  What I do remember is that I decided to go back to the basics of the detox.  I think I started using too many spices at once after being off of them for a week.  Not that I blew the detox.  Everything I ate was good for that; it was just a bit too much at once.  For instance, I usually include in each meal onions, garlic and some ginger.  All of these are great for the digestive system and for the detox.  So yesterday (Day 12) I went simple.  Back to basic vegetable salad with olive oil and squeezed lime dressing.

For dinner I did try something new.  A mushroom, tomato and basil salad.  Don’t know if you want to include mushrooms if you are concerned about candida.  I’ll do some research on that and let you know.  I also tried homemade potato chips.  I really wanted to eat something with a crunch and bit of salt.  I used the spiraling tool on a sweet potato and a white potato.  This gave me “curly” fries.  I coated them with olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper then baked them until crispy, about 20 minutes at 400 degrees. So these were not officially raw.

Both came out fairly well.  Sweet potatoes have a bit more moisture than the white when baked.  But both were good.  The drier they baked the more crispy.  So that helped with the craving for salt and crunch! Drank loads of water.  Unfortunately, went out late to try to get to the gym but it was closed and it was cold outside.  Caught a bit of a sniffle as a result – pooh! 

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Season for Detox – Day 11

This was a “wake-up call” type of day.  I got too excited about trying new raw dishes that were too rich and delicious.  Not that delicious isn’t allowed on a detox; but the contents of meals needs to stay simpler. 

The Phad Thai was delicious and exciting to develop but it was too rich for the detox.  I went to bed feeling like my digestive system was working too hard instead of being relaxed and calm. I will definitely need to work my way back to that level of eating. 

So yesterday I was back to eating less complicated.  It really is neat that eating raw can be simple, yet have the complexity desired with other types of meals too.  I’m anxious to try dehydrating foods in a few weeks.  But honestly, I’m pretty sure I’ll be heading towards vegan/vegetarian as the foundation instead of raw. 

It really hit me this morning when it was so cold outside.  I like warm weather and warm foods so drinking a cold green smoothie wasn’t something I looked forward too but the hot water with lime was great.  I’m planning on soups for Day 12.

So for Day 11, I made another kale and tomato salad which I’m coming to love.  I included raw almonds and bit of goat cheese for protein.  Earlier I had a green salad.  I still didn’t feel too hungry at the end of the day but quite satisfied.  I can tell that weight is coming off but I haven’t been on a scale for a few weeks.  Guess it might be time for that pretty soon.

Season for Detox – Day 10

Ten days –  I can’t believe it.  Ten whole days of doing this detox.  I’ve done several detoxs of seven days, even fasted for 10 days (which isn’t a great thing for general health purposes depending on how it’s done).  But this is the longest detox experience I’ve had with raw/vegan foods.

I don’t even feel like I’m on a detox except I’m being so conscious about what I eat each day.  I really thought I was good at knowing how to eat both well and consciously each day.  But waking up trying to figure out what new dish to prepare has been a real change, particular when it comes to eating raw. 

Today I had a treat.  My husband was a taster for a new dish.  I was determined to make a raw veggie Phad Thai.   I couldn’t get the flavor quite right from the recipe so I had to keep adding flavors.  One problem with the raw recipes is that they are a bit bland for my pallet. 

The basic recipe came from Living on Live Foods by Alissa Cohen.  I spiraled two summer squashes to make the “noodles.”  Then added in 4 cups of mung beans.  The sauce was based on almond butter.  I didn’t have raw almond butter but did find some roasted almond butter in the pantry so I used that.  I mixed it with fresh squeezed orange juice and some ginger.  I found the sauce a bit bland and realized it needed some “heat” so I put in two chili’s. That helped a lot.  Plus, I added additional chopped ginger, onions, garlic, and red pepper flakes and cilantro.  Well, my husband agreed to taste it and he really enjoyed it.  That was fabulous.  I have a feeling it will be even better tomorrow after the flavors have had a chance to marinate.  Yum!

Season for Detox – Day 9

I keep going on with the detox.  What about you?  Have you thought about giving your body a rest?  Consider these questions:  Are you tired of being tired all of the time?  Would you like to get rid of that foggy feeling in your head that keeps you from thinking clearly or having good memory?  Would you like to get rid of those body aches and pains? Then I strongly recommend that you consider doing your own detox program.

Here are a few reasons to consider this:

1. You never really know what poisons you are putting into your body through foods. 

As difficult as that sounds it’s very true that our foods are filled with toxins, preservatives, chemicals and genetically modified organisms.  Depending on how many processed foods you eat each day, you might never actually eat true food.  Instead you could be eating nothing but artificial junk made to look like food.  If you think about it,  what real food comes dried up in a box?  But that’s have we’ve been indoctrinated to think.   Getting the poisons out of the body is necessary to avoid really getting serious diseases.

2. Your need to clear your brain fog

Your brain is fed by foods just like the rest of your body.  We don’t think of this because you can’t see the brain putting on weight or getting “out of shape.”  But the reality is that you may not see it but you can feel the brain getting out of shape.  Don’t think so?  Well, do you ever start to forget things you know you shouldn’t forget?  Does your memory ever seem a bit poor?  Are you getting headaches or feeling tension in your head?   A lot of that is coming from the brain trying to process chemicals and preservatives instead of real foods that provides it with nourishment.  Clearing the brain from trash should be one of your primary goals when eating.

3.   Your cells need to breathe

All body health begins at the cellular level.  Your cells are nourished by the nutrients you put in your mouth.  These nutrients come from the foods you eat that go through the digestive process.  That means if you put junk in, your cells will be filled with a lot of junk.  By putting in nutrients rich foods you support the health of your cells.  That means keeping a healthier body that can withstand disease and knock off attacks from many bugs and viruses.  Healthy cells are the key to the fountain of youth.  Clogging them with nasty foods clogs them up and worse, can bring on early death from illness and disease.

Detoxing the body is a powerful way to help slough off the bad stuff you ingest in your foods.  During this time, you eat in a conscious way by preparing only the freshest foods with the most nutrients.    You become aware of what you’re eating.  It’s also a time to learn about whole foods and how to prepare them for life long health.   

You also get to eat fun things, like the cabbage leaf sandwich I created today.  I used a large cabbage leaf, spread with avocado, the mock salmon pate, thinly sliced cucumber and tomato, a few great seasonings.  Wrap all of this up and eat.  Wow, talk about good.  Had two of these and felt satisfied all afternoon. 

Without this detox I probably wouldn’t be finding these great recipes to try and being so conscious of how these fresh, new foods are affecting my body.  Think about joining me in your own detox.  Believe me, it’s worth it.


Season for Detox – Day 7

The first full week of the detox has been completed.  This is becoming an enjoyable experience.   What I feel after one week is less brain fog.  It’s good to feel that I can remember things better, all by letting my body get cleansed.  I don’t miss meats yet.  I’ve been enjoying learning to combine new produce together.  What’s interesting is that I often feel stuck about what to fix to eat yet I’m only faced with fruits and vegetables. 

Something I learned from Alissa Cohen is that it’s important to have a lot of food prepared when you first start eating fresh and raw foods because you will be hungry quickly.  I didn’t do that so hunger creeps up on me.  The good thing is that it is easy to put a meal together with raw foods.  But better planning will make it better.  I think I’ll follow Alissa Cohen’s week of foods for week two.  

Well for day 7 I created a raw green soup with avocado, spinach, tomato and  few other ingredients.  Again, very fresh, and comforting.  With that I sauteed some Swiss chard with onions, garlic and a splash of rice vinegar, so I wasn’t totally raw today.  That was for dinner.  For lunch I ate some left-overs from yesterday; cabbage with corn and carrots along with a little bit of the sweet potato fries.  

I’m really tired tonight.  I stayed up very late watching the election returns last night then got up exceptionally early with the idea of getting a nap in the afternoon.  Of course, that never happened.  I’m trying to set up my own detox program to offer but will finish that up tomorrow.

Season for Detox – Day 6

Okay – for day 6 of my detox I almost wanted to go out and buy a bag of potato chips; the well-baked, salt and cracked pepper type that gives a great crunch.  But I resisted and I’m glad I did.  So after that little crisis I got into my huge bag of baby carrots to get my crunch. 

For the morning was a big salad, had two or three bananas as snacks.  Dinner was sauteed, thinly sliced cabbage with garlic, onions, flavored with cumin, and other spices.  I also added carrots and corn kernel’s to the mix that made it very hearty.  

Added to the meal were baked sweet potato fries.  I tried to make sweet potato chips  but couldn’t get the potatoes sliced thin enough with my mandolin or other tools.  Will have to work on that.  I want to create my own, healthy crunchy chips.  

So by the end of the day it ended up being a good detox experience. 

I also got a new raw cookbook today; Going Raw by Judita Wignall.  Now I’m trying to decide which cookbook to start with to learn more about raw foods.  I want to select one cookbook and go through it, similar to the Julia and Julie idea.  I have one more on the way and I’ll decide after that; will let you know.

What about you?  Are you ready to take steps to do something really big about your health?  Are you ready for a detox?  If so, I’m ready to work with you.   Find out about the 7 Day Detox to get you started.

Season for Detox – Day 5

Five days in and I’m feeling fine!  It’s getting more exciting to try new foods each day on this detox.  One thing I’m learning is to have something to eat before you get too hungry, and eating raw vegan will let you get hungry more often than eating animal proteins and fats.  

At least I know the foods are being digested;  the stomach is being emptied quickly and there is an increase in eliminations.  Both great signs of detoxing.  It’s difficult to say if it’s the detox or not, but my skin is looking clearer already.  However, I also changed to a gentler cleanser and moisturizer so that’s why I don’t know if it’s the detox or not, or both.

Today, I made a ginger, tomato soup for lunch.  I had some left over coconut cream so added that in which gave it a smooth taste.   The soup was really delicious. I even decided to try it hot instead of lukewarm and enjoyed it even more.  I’m anxious to try this soup with some crackers made in my dehydrator.  I haven’t even pulled that tool out of the box yet but I’m starting to feel braver.

Dinner was a huge green salad with corn, tomatoes, celery, green onions, parsley, spinach, lettuce, and a dressing of oil, vinegar a bit of mustard, salt and pepper.  I was really hungry by dinnetime so I ate a lot of this fresh salad.

I don’t know if I’ll stay raw but it is definitely fun exploring these new food creations.  The health benefits can’t be topped.  Each meal loads you up with vitamins and minerals from fresh, wholesome food, the best source of nutrients. 

A plant based diet has also been shown to provide healing benefits but repairing a body from inside out.  I just have to be strong when preparing other foods for other people in the house.  I’m hopeful, it will all work out.