SEO Writing & Your Web Pages

Writing seo content for your web pages can really be fun when you know what to do. First of all, make each page of your website focused on one topic. That was a difficult concept for me to grasp at first.

The reason is that many web sites seem to pile all types of information on each page. But this makes pages hard to find unless you are searching for specific information. These pages don’t always rank high in the search engines.

The best websites or the ones that are easy to read and navigate. People come to these type of pages the most.

The best websites focus on one keyword per page. So find the one keyword to focus on when you plan your website. You will find it a lot easier to get your website written.

Start with a list of your designated keywords. List these out and determine which keywords you want to use for your main pages. Then select keywords to go under the main ones as sub-keyword topics. This is similar to having a book chapter with topics within the chapters.

For instance:

How to fly a kite
* Kite flying start-up
* Kite construction
* Get kite ready to fly

Of course, “How to fly a kite” would be the main page. On that page you write content that links to information on kite flying start-up, kite construction, and get kite ready to fly. These links do not have to be in the web site content area. People will only get to them by reading the information on that particular page and clicking the links.

Start writing your web navigation by listing your main keywords then put the sub-keywords into place. This will help get your writing plan started and your website will be easier to finish.