Marketing Health and Wellness – Radio

nacwibwomanatcomputerHealth and wellness businesses are booming these days.  The problem is the field is being flooded with similar businesses.  This can make what you do in this field look like a commodity instaed of a unique offer.  So what is good can also present a problem for really good professionals in the field who find they are overshadowed by those with big marketing budgets.  

The good thing is that marketing your health oriented business doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  One fabulous way to market your business is through Internet radio.  As the Executive Producer and Host of Seaseond Women Health Radio I am excited about the potential it brings to put the word out about a realy good professional in the health and wellness arena. 

The show runs on the Amazing Women of Power Network (AWOP) that is syndicated worldwide with a listener base of up to 3.5 million people.  Recently I was watching one of the reunion shows of one of those Housewife shows and it was mentioned that they have about 4 million viewers.  So the comparison really stood out.  

Can you image how much it costs to get an ad during one of those shows?  Purchasing advertising on Seasoned Women Health Radio is much smarter and economical, plus you get far much more for the money. Even if it’s not your audience or ideal client, looking at trends and potential reach of an ad gives you a better sense of how marketing functions.

Advertising on a high level radio show that is already building a loyal audience can be one of the best marketing moves you make when faced with a lot of competition.  If you want to start sticking out as a unique health and wellness professional, consider a smart advertising buy on Seasoned Women Health Radio