For McNugget Lovers …

I used to love Chicken McNuggets.   In fact, there was a time when the only food I would pick from McDonald’s as nuggets since I thought they were “healthiest” selection at that restaurant.  I mean, what could be wrong with little pieces of white meat chicken in a little bit of crust? 

Of course it should have hit me that this little piece of so-called meat was fried and eating several of them gave you almost more fried covering than meat.  And if I remember correctly, there wasn’t that much flavor in the nugget itself, the flavor came from the dipping sauces. And finally, I should have wondered about the whole thing because what part of the chicken did a “nugget” come from anyways? 

Today, I still know people who love the nuggets.  But now I get to tell them what I’ve learned about them.  Sounds kinda like a spoiler type of thing since I used to love them but remember knowledge is power.  Here’s the thing, it’s mainly the pink slime thing that got me.   Don’t know if explaining it can really do justice.  It’s probably better for you to see it for yourself.  Just go here to find out how McNuggets are made then decide if you still think they’re worth eating.