Daylight Savings Time

I’m still sleepy from the time change. I can never adjust to daylight savings time. The switch gets to me all week. I was up at 6 a.m. (PST) this morning trying to do my writing practice. My intention was to get my writing work done early today but I’m falling asleep at the keyboard. Why do we switch times like this anymore? It’s dark in the morning and dark when you get home.

I guess the different perspectives on this have to be noted. I talked to a young person Sunday; a high school student. He loves daylight savings time. Guess being in the dark is more fun than being in the bright light all day —for some high school students. He did have an interesting point that football games just seemed more “right” in the dark stadium with the big lights glaring.

What do you think? Write about the switch to daylight savings time if you experience it. Do you like it? Is the adjustment quick and smooth or are you sleepy for a week like me?

If you live where you don’t have to switch the clocks, what do you think about this? Would you prefer to be forced to switch the time on your clock due to some antiquated rule on the government books?

Meanwhile, I’m going to catch a quick nap before my first teleclass at 9 a.m. this morning.