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What others are saying about Consuelo…

“I’m a new copywriter. Although I’ve been writing for a while, I needed some guidance in terms of my copywriting business. I received an email invitation to schedule my 2014 Business Strategic Success from Consuelo Meux. The advice she gave me was incredible. Consuelo gave me detailed information on how to market my copywriting business, strategies to use to get and keep satisfied clients and how to offer value to them so they will keep using my services. At the end of the session I had clarity and direction. I know exactly what I need to do in 2014 to get my copywriting business off to a successful start. I intend to keep using her Consuelo’s coaching services. I know that she will help me achieve my business goals. If you’re serious about growing your business, I would advise you to contact Consuelo Meux.” June Whittle, Copywriter, Blog Designer,www.Divine


I am so thankful by the fact I had the chance to meet and discuss with Consuelo while in San Diego for an event in December 2014.  Right away when I met Consuelo I knew that she is gifted with the communication skill.  I immediately said ‘’yes’’ when she offered her services to us (Shyne 24 boutique).  I confirm that I have dealt with Dr. Consuelo Meux and she is amazing in what she does.  She provided an excellent service to Shyne 24 Boutique and has created for us a 3 minutes script that we’ll be using to promote our company on youtube.  I can confidently recommend Dr. Consuelo Meux, Ph.D for your next project.  Consuelo is reliable and an expert in her field.

Yours faithfully,

Eve Roland, Vice-President

“I attended the Living the Vision Business Workshop with no real expectations. I had heard Consuelo Meux speak at a Women in Business Seminar and registered for the workshop that day. Consuelo helped me put my vision into words and gave me the courage to embrace my own brilliance. With Consuelo’s help I have gone from a woman who barely checked her email to a woman with a blog! That blog has become a wonderful creative outlet and has led to the development of my private practice, Spirit Path Healing.” Erin Zvada, PTA, CLM, Spirit Path Healing, Paso Robles, CA


“I love your friendly, practical, and knowledgeable style. You laid everything out in a logical sequence, and kept a perfect pace as we learned.” Katie Christine Rhodes, LMP, Kenmore, WA


“My work with Consuelo has had a great impact on my life and career. I entered into this coaching relationship feeling like I had something inside of me that was blocked and I wasn’t sure what it was or how to let it out. Through the process, I have gained confidence and insight into my own creativity and ways that I can express it. It feels great! I apply what I learn immediately and I also expect I will use these lessons and insights well into the future.” Erin Noonen-Keeger, Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania


“When I met Dr. Consuelo Meux I was at a stage in my career where I have a vision but I lacked the “how to get there”, I needed to take a realistic and honest look at my business and its financial implications to make it viable. She helped me focus on it, building a strong foundation, a road map to develop a serious business plan.

I found the work I did with Consuelo to be insightful, professional and highly motivational. I’d like to differentiate coaching from mentoring in order to describe Consuelo Meux’s gift as a mentor. In broad terms mentoring is often used within organizations when someone is appointed to help another with the achievement of their long term goals and career, rather than with immediate business performance issues.

Consuelo provides a highly professional and supportive service. I found her to be very person centered, someone that I quickly became comfortable with discussing financial/management details, which were causing obstacles on putting together a business plan. I have such absolute confidence in the services she provides that I proposed her to collaborate with CCWN, towards helping members of my organization to get the same level of business training I achieved with her through different modalities of business coaching/mentoring sessions.

I come back now and then to her savvy ears when I have a new business idea, she’s always willing to share an insight in order to push forward a business endeavor that I frequently come about. For anyone looking to achieve business goals, I have no hesitation in recommending the work Consuelo does with her clients.” Jacky Lopez, Founder & CEO, Central Coast Women’s Network, CCWN, San Luis Obispo, CA


“Consuelo, thank you for your inspiring speech. People are still talking about your powerful message and how their lives were touched. Your greatest assets are your ability to relate with your audience, outstanding presentation skills, and sincerity.” Dr. Vincent Kituku, Boise, Idaho


“I met with Consuelo Meux for my 1 hour free consultation and came away immediately with a refined message and checklist of things I needed to accomplish in the next week or so. She has a great feel for what people relate to and has many skills to take your business to the next level. One of my immediate goals is to write a book that I can use in the marketing of my business and I am signing up for Consuelo’s Deep Writing Program (now the Leader to Author Book Coaching Program) to help me with that project. Thank you, CCWN for connecting me with this vital resource for expanding my business.” Melinda Thomas, CFP, ChFC, QPFC, PRP, FIT Financial, LLC


“I agreed to participate on a whim – and kinda surprised myself. But then found myself engaged in the process easily. What I appreciated about our interactions was your understanding of my PhD journey without me having to explain – your lived experiences with the process – you truly know that this is often a lonely journey and your feedback within this framework was normalizing, inspiring and comforting. Also helpful was putting down my thoughts and feelings in a reflective way and your frame on this – as you did with your comments about my unrecognized talents. I have traveled to a new, more satisfying place. You acted like a mirror for me – and at times you adjusted the light for a clear vision or removed the fog that can settle on the glass when things heat up.” Barb Haag-Heitman, RN, MA, MS, Director of Women’s Services, Whitefish Bay, WI


“I have over 30 years of business experience including the writing of a few business plans. I must applaud the layout for your Business Plan Template. It is precise without being verbose, easy to read and understand, and directed to all levels of the business journey. Thank you again for your work and for sharing them!” Sandy Morgan


“I actually took the class mostly because of Consuelo but felt I could benefit by her expertise and help build my businesses on line. I really got excited during the workshop even though a lot was over my head. I found this class to benefit businesses at any level of computer knowledge. Looking forward to more.” Jan Hop, Paso Robles, Skin Care Specialist, Soy Candle


“Let me thank you again for your educational and inspirational teleclass on Article Writing for the Internet. I’ve used the internet for years, but until I took your class it never “clicked” for me how I could participate in that big conversation in a way that will increase traffic to my website and grow the business that helps support my family.

I love your friendly, practical, and knowledgeable style. You laid everything out in a logical sequence, and kept a perfect pace as we learned. Your pre-class warm-ups, follow-up, and bonus material were tops. Article Writing has its own style that is not immediately mastered; your expertise and coaching in this area ushered me into a new level of marketing for my business.” Katie Christine Rhodes, LMP,


“This correspondence (coaching) has been very helpful. At a time when it would have been very easy to ignore and eventually forget about my own vision, this has kept me on the track. I have experienced what happens to me when my personal creativity evaporates and it is ugly. In no uncertain terms it is bad for my health and personal wellbeing. Without the coaching and need to focus that writing regularly has provided, I could be in bad shape right now. Instead, I am about as happy with my life as I have ever been.” Diana, Independent Fiber Artist


I really felt it helpful with the programs that I was able to connect to. Open discussion I — caught one. Information on how to get your business started important things to have in place-Great! Setting up web base business information–informative. The letter on your thoughts when you did the run. inspiring and encouraging. I want to refocus my thoughts and sort of start fresh, anew with they way I approach my business. The bumps in the road hurt and would like to take time to say thank you. Finances are not great now and I do appreciate what I have received. When you work by yourself it is good to have some sort of support. You are a great resource, truly a blessing. Thank you

Jacqueline Sealy


When I thought I had to spend a lot of money, “How to Develop Your Plan for Emergencies and Disasters” helped me gather the materials I already had around the house. Consuelo Meux offers guidance and 10 fun action plans, for the entire family to help gear up for a crisis.

Judine Slaughter,


“Until I read Consuelo’s eBook on emergency and disaster planning, I never knew the urgency of getting my three-day emergency kit together. Every trip to the store, I add half gallons of water, tasty dry snacks, and comfort items. I feel so relaxed and confident I’m ready for whatever nature delivers! I loved the recipes in the workbook section because even a gourmet would eat them.”

Judy Cullins, “How to Write your eBook or Other Book Fast”
“I think (Consuelo’s) book will be a classic manual. I loved how the chapters fit together, and you really didn’t forget anything. It took into consideration kids, the disabled, and the elderly–and you didn’t forget the car! The workbook at the end is a great benefit to add. I plan to make this part of the curriculum for my Industrial Safety class. The writing style is very conversational, making it easy to understand and in practical terms most people would identify with.”

Karen A. Robertson, CWCP, CSP, M.Ed., West Michigan