Consuelo Meux, Ph.D.

Consuelo Meux, PhD., Strategic Leadership Mentor for Women

Dr. Consuelo Meux, PhD.
Consuelo Meux, PhD.
Strategic Leadership Mentor for Women

Here’s Why I Can Help You Develop as a Content writer and Product Developer in Your Field with Your Own Product Line – FAST

I’ve always been able to write clear, concise information, even with complex topics. When I started working on the Internet, I immediately learned about web writing techniques such as using SEO, keywords, and other processes necessary to get my websites ranked.

With my years of designing curriculum and teaching all levels of students to executives, I am an expert at taking basic concepts and turning them into lessons, programs, training courses, curriculum, books and other information products.

So it was a natural for me to start creating various types of information products then expand them into a complete line of products – this was my point of expertise.

Here’s a very brief look at just a few of the ways I’ve turned one product into multiple streams of income (something you’ll soon be able to do with your products):

(These are just a FEW of my multiple products produced. See my Products page for more).

CAVIU13RMy first book on the web was Organize for Safety: The Step by Step Guide to Emergency and Disaster Preparedness. It took hundreds of hours for me to learn how to write this product for a web centered audience and more hours to learn the self-publishing process – a goal I successful accomplished when Print-on-Demand (POD) books were still a fresh idea.

After that hard work, I found out how much more I could do with one simple book.

From the same materials I

  • designed a course for an online University
  • created an ecourse for the book website
  • published a series of articles through Internet article directories.

And that was just touching the tip of possibilities.

With the Leader to Entrepreneur program, I work with YOU to turn your book or other information into a product or signature system that can create multiple streams of income.

With my next book Yes I CAN Succeed Online: 5 Easy Steps MEUXCoverEdited06-11-09to Online Success I presented my system to help people take their business idea from offline to online.

This book became the basis for

  • multiple Internet business building workshops.
  • a Home Study Program for new entrepreneurs
  • content for speaking engagements, business coaching and other professional presentations.

Additionally I’ve been able to

  • create a popular online home study for writing cash generating Internet articles
  • 12 Week Business Plan audio course with worksheets
  • over 100 published online articles
  • countless ebooks and special reports
  • audio products
  • ecourses
  • teleseminars
  • public presentations

and other products.

Using my areas of expertise in writing, product development, and teaching, I will help you move forward on your way to success as an online entrepreneur.

More recently, swwg-2 copy(1)I wrote the “Seasoned Women Wellness Guide.”

This book is based on my popular radio show “Seasoned Women Health Radio” heard worldwide on the Amazing Women of Power Network by up to 5 million listeners.

  • New speaking opportunities have opened up
  • the chance to demonstrate raw/vegan food to groups and individuals.

I’ve also helped other professionals write their book, create signature programs, become published Platinum article writers, expand their businesses, send press releases and so much more.

YOU Will Benefit with Your Own Product or Product Line

What will YOU be able to do when you take your written product and expand it into a high-end product or tool to promote you as an expert in your field?

  • Be the Obvious Expert & Leader in you field
  • Get more speaking engagements and have products to sell onmultiple-streams the spot
  • Have new credibility to gain clients who want to work with someone special
  • Be able to say you’ve been through the process of product development
  • Create multiple streams of income in your business
  • Can continue to grow products into a full product & service line

I look forward to working with you to achieve your content goals.

Together we will:

  • Determine how your content can be transformed into a complete brand, process, program, or system.
  • Clearly identify areas of expertise that highlight your unique potential.
  • Outline your signature program that will be your signature product.
  • Create your first product if you’re just getting started.

During the process, you will

  • Discover more about your niche so you target outcomes to the needs of your clients.
  • Determine the exact benefits you want to offer through your products/programs.
  • Set specific goals and outcomes of the program.
  • Develop the step by step process necessary for clients to reach the outcomes.
  • Have ways to measure the successes of the program.

What You Will Have

  • You will have the outline of a full product line that is your exclusive material that can be valued at varied amounts to meet the needs of your target market.
  • You will have a physical product in your hands or in digital format – completed, packaged and ready to sell.
  • You will be able to gain the confidence of knowing you have a product to market online, off-line, or through any media you want.

Let’s Get Going:

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Just Imagine – You’ll Be Holding Your Product in Your Hands in a Very Short Period of Time.


Dr. Consuelo

“Dr. Consuelo has a gift as a mentor who provides a highly professional and supportive service. She is very person-centered, someone you can quickly became comfortable with discussing issues of the heart in life, business or health. For anyone looking to achieve life goals, you should have no hesitation in working with Consuelo.”  Jacky Lopez, Entrepreneur, Santa Barbara Ca.


Professional Background

  • PhD. Human & Organization Systems
  • MS. Organizational Behavior
  • MA Organizational Development
  • BS Marketing
  • Expertise: Women’s Leadership Styles
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • Raw/Vegan Foods Coach, Chef & Trainer
  • Member of the Association of Drugless Practitioners
  • Executive Producer & Host of Seasoned Women Health Radio

Certifications & Specialty Areas:

  • Certified Creativity Coach, Creativity Coaching Association
  • Amherst Writers and Artists (AWAI) – Creative Non-Fiction Techniques, Writing Business Specialist
  • SEO Expert
  • Business & Health Columnist
  • – Platinum Author

Business/Academic Writing:

  • Research writing, white papers, executive reports
  • Case Studies
  • Business Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Public relations and funds development
  • Grant proposals
  • Courses and curriculum development
  • Technical writing
  • Calls for Proposal (for professional conferences)
  • Dissertation writing support

Writing Coaching

  • Book Writing
  • Signature Product Development
  • Article Directory Publishing

Internet/Online Writing

  • Audio Products
  • Audio/Video Scripts
  • Book reviews
  • Coaching/Consulting Courses
  • Ebooks
  • Home studies
  • Information products
  • Kindle Books
  • Mini-courses
  • Print on Demand (POD) books
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) writing

Some of What I’ve Written & Published


2014. Creative Power Potential: Creativity in Business (In Publication)

2014. Creative Power Potential: Personal Creative Power (In Publication)

2014. Confident Business Women. 5 Steps to Walking in Confidence & Excelling in Excellence (In Publication)

2014. Confident Business Women. 5 More Steps to Walking in Confidence & Excelling in Excellence (In Publication)


2014. Seasoned Women Wellness Guide: 30 Days to a Healthier, More Vibrant and Confident YOU! Charleston, NC:Starry Night Publishing.

2012. Bible Women & Today’s Business Woman. Creative Executive Mgmt Publishing

2012. Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset Course. Creative Executive Mgmt Publishing

2010. Yes I Can Succeed Online: 5-Easy Steps to Online Success (2010). Creative Executive Mgmt Publishing

Columns: – Health & Business Column

Ezine Articles .com – Platinum Writer


2014. How to Fall In Love with Your Business, Audio Course and Worksheets. (in Production)

2009. How to Organize Your Home for Safety – Universal Class

Books Chapters

2010. Centers of Conflict: Identifying a Shared Vision to Alleviate Resistance to Change. The Leadership Challenge Activities Book (2010) . (Pfeiffer/John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

2010. Building a Creative Business: Creativity Coaching to Assist the Launch of a Business Dream. Creativity Coaching Success Stories. Creativity Coaching Association

Creative Essays

Daddy’s Song. Peregrine (XIX) 39-41


I look forward to sharing a life with words with you!


Dr. Consuelo

Consuelo Meux, PhD.

I’m a new copywriter. Although I’ve been writing for a while, I needed some guidance in terms of my copywriting business. I booked a session with Consuelo Meux and we had a telephone meeting. The advice she gave me was incredible. Consuelo gave me detailed information on how to market my copywriting business, strategies to use to get and keep satisfied clients and how to offer value to them so they will keep using my services. At the end of the session I had clarity and direction. I intend to keep using her Consuelo’s coaching services. I know that she will help me achieve my business goals. If you’re serious about growing your business, I would advise you to contact Consuelo Meux.”

June Whittle, Copywriter, Blog Designer,

Consuelo’s Experience & Certifications