Are You Linked Up?

Getting back links to your web site is an important way to improve your rankings on the web. Of course, you still need to get your site SEO optimized, but once you do, links help.

Want to know how to check if you have anyone linking to you? Well, here’s the secret link to find out.

link: (Of course, put in your domain name, okay?)

Now, before you go looking, let me give you a few “head’s up” so you won’t be upset if you don’t think all the link exchanging you’ve been doing with your friends is not working.

Links count when they come from sites that are relevant to your keywords. In other words, if you write about golf, linking to your friends who write about cooking will not give you much weight. You have to get links from sites about golf; that’s what will give you “weight.”

So getting links is not the only thing. You have to get the right links. But don’t worry if you still have to work at it. We ALL do, unless you’re a really established SEO’d Internet marketing guru. Keep working at driving good traffic to your site. Put up fresh content, do your blog posts, get on forums and continue to focus on you SEO optimization techniques.

Have fun checking back links!