Twelve WordPress Plugins That Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

If you use WordPress (WP) for your website and blog, then you know how powerful it is when it comes to SEO right out of the box. But, thanks to plugins you can extend the functionality of your WP website easily. It just takes a few clicks and some easy set-up that simply requires that you can follow directions and click a few buttons.

The following plugins are great recommendations to add to your blog. Don’t add all of these at the same time, though. Read about them and determine what you need, and add only the plugins that you really need to help you boost your content marketing efforts.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast – This is a plugin that helps you optimize every page you create on your site quickly at the time of creation without having to understand anything about code. It even makes suggestions for you.

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2. AtContent – Helps you grow your audience and blog traffic by letting you share your content with other bloggers to help increase your readership.

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3. Inline Tweet Sharer – Allows your site visitors, or you, to easily tweet a quote directly from your site that you choose to highlight with the code.

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4. Custom Content Shortcode – You can use this plugin to develop pages with certain content based on keyword, type of post, category and other custom fields on a particular page, or to provide deeper links after certain content.

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5. Content Aware Sidebars – This is very helpful because your sidebars can now change based on what your audience is reading and viewing. That way they won’t see the same thing on every page.

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6. Google XML Sitemap Generator – Sitemaps help search engines find your content and will increase your page rank. This generator creates and updates your site map fast.

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7. Disqus Comment System – Help control comment spam and let others know about your blog at the same time by adding subscribe and RSS feed options.

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8. Slick Social Share Buttons – Making it easy for your audience to share your content is one of the ways in which you can practically put your marketing on autopilot.

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9. Add Link to Facebook – This plugin allows each post you make to automatically be shared with your Facebook page.

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10. Pay with a Tweet – This plugin is interesting in that it lets your visitors to your website “pay” to download something by tweeting it out first to their followers.

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11. Tweetily – Send out automatic tweets of every new blog post that is published on your website. That allows the schedule function to work as a sharing function at the same time.

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12. Editorial Calendar – Keeping track of your content will help you boost your content marketing efforts by keeping it all organized.

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Setting up as much automation as possible will help you boost the traffic to your website through content marketing quickly and easily. What’s more is that most of the plugins are free or have free versions that you can use.

Market Your Business with Interesting and Valuable Content

Marketing your business on the Internet is becoming more competitive than ever. That means you need to be sure your content strategy has clear and specific goals.  It’s necessary to drive traffic, build awareness, boost authority and more. In order to accomplish any of those goals your content needs to be value driven and fresh. However, it can be difficult to consistently create valuable and interesting content ideas.

Embrace Boldness

It doesn’t require that you become a controversial person or brand to embrace the power of being bold in how you present you and your beginning.  Identify controversial and timely news topics and help provide insight and information with bold content of interest to your readers.  Actually many marketers avoid controversial topics. By embracing these topics head on, you position yourself as someone that’s unafraid to face controversy, but also as a business that’s on the cutting edge and confident in your voice. You’ll also spark many discussions and gain much more attention for your content than your competition.

Bring Out the Skeletons

Every industry has a few skeletons in the closet. We’re talking about the questions no one asks and the secrets that everyone knows but no one talks about. Instead of avoiding these topics, take them on. You’ll open up an abundance of opportunities to create compelling content. You’ll also help many people work through problems with such issues.  Generally, when there are forbidden topics there are many people who need help. Keep in mind that you don’t have to tackle these topics head on, you can take a humorous angle or share a personal story to give them a unique appeal.

Make it Simple

When dealing with bold ideas and topics you don’t want to get too complicated.  Instead, make your content as simple and understandable as possible.  Blog posts can be short and too the point.  Published articles only need about 300 words.  Outline content to make it simple and clear. Instead of giving five tips in one article, write five articles of one tip each.  Enhance each tip to create an entire article. As you’re seeking interesting and valuable content ideas, use your own content outlines and topic research as the foundation. This will let you produce more content and each piece will provide the value and interest your audience seeks.

The next time you sit down to brainstorm, research, and plan your content keep these tips in mind. Research the current controversial topics for your niche. Take a look at the questions people just don’t answer or don’t want to talk about. Finally, remember that each topic idea that you imagine, usually has the potential to provide several different pieces of content. Break it down to the simplest level.

Pursuing Your Market

People need and want stuff.  What you want is to be able to find an identifiable group of people who want your stuff.  When you do that, you can design a marketing plan with potential for reaching that group of people and influencing them to make a buying decision for what you have to offer.

Confident business women learn to pursue their market in a variety of ways.  They don’t worry about learning each of the newest marketing techniques that pop up almost daily online.  That’s just a great way to get distracted and never reach a real goal.

To pursue your market, study them.  Learn what the market wants and needs.  Find out where they hang out and what they do there.  Hang out with them.  See what they read, eat, talk about.  Then find ways to relate to this group and be a part of them.  You want to let the target market know you relate them.

Do your homework so you can pursue your target market well.  You will have a good heads up next to other marketers who seem to the jump here and there, trying anything they can to get business from anyone with any product.