Confidence to Lead #7

Here is #7 of the seven confidence building ideas for women in business and leadership. Women in business need confidence in order to succeed.  Having a strong level of confidence means living a healthier, better leadership life.  

7. Learn to Unblock. It takes confidence to face obstacles and go through them anyway.  Every business professional will face obstacles; this is a normal part of business operations. But not everyone can look at those obstacles and decide to do what it takes to move through them to reach their intended goals. The confidence to do this comes in knowing that the best possible solution can be found. Seeking solutions in spite of the obstacles unblocks the barriers to success. Doing so is a true sign of confidence in business and leadership.

Being a confident woman in business and leadership is available to you when you take the steps to maximize your confidence in business and leadership. You can practice being a powerful problem solver who excels with confidence in your profession. When needed, you can find the mentoring and assistance that will support your business and leadership efforts.



Confidence to Lead #5

Women in business need confidence in order to succeed. Here is #5 of 7 confidence building ideas for women in business and leadership.

5. Embrace Your Power. Power is a good thing to have when you’re in business.  Power gives you the ability to get things done. A confident woman in business must understand and embrace her power.  Understanding power means knowing how to influence others to get things done.  It also means knowing what to say, when to say it, and whom to say it too.  There are obvious and not so obvious ways to deal with power and a confident business woman learns how these nuances work to increase her effectiveness.

Confidence to Stop Taking and Start Doing

Are you a serial course buyer? Do you take every new fangled teleseminar sold by the latest guru so you feel you’re keeping up?  Has your “work” become downloading another new ebook or course that probably just get put into a file on your desktop and forgotten?  If so, you’re part of a very large group of women who want to be successful online but need to stop “taking” and start “doing.”  It’s the confident business woman who is the doer.

Listen, I understand. My desktop is so loaded with unopened ebooks and 4, 5, 8 course programs that it could be the newest virtual lending library.  One day I saw a program that I thought I just had to have, so at great expense I bought and downloaded up.  The very next day, I saw a completely similar program at only 1/10 the price.  Not only that, I did a search of my hard drive and found three other programs that had virtually the same content.

While all of this waste of money was going on I also had to admit that I hadn’t opened any of these program; so what good were any of them doing?  Here’s the thing.  At some point, you have to stop buying things and start implementing if you want to be a success online.  No amount of stuff is going to do the work for you.  Most likely you will only continue to make your work day a process of seeking out and buying stuff.  /Here’s why this happens.

1. Lack of confidence to get your products or services out there.  It’s so much easier to see what others have to offer instead of using your talents to get into the mix and offer something yourself.  What happens is you start buying things to see what others are doing.  How big is the product? How much do they offer for a particular price?  It’s fine to study the competition and get an idea of what’s in the marketplace, but after a while you know what’s there.  The sales letter pretty much told you already what you’re getting.  Some even give you the page count of what’s offered.  You know if the product is a teleseminar, webinar, .pdf’s, ebooks or audio or other format.  So be aware of the voice in your head telling you to take one more look before you get going on what you need to complete in order to get into the game.

2.  Lack of understanding on how to get finished.  You might be very ready to get into the game of offering what you produce to the world but have the really legitimate problem of not knowing how to complete the steps necessary to finish your products, upload them, set the price and start the sales process.  Take a review of the products you tend to purchase.  Do any other them promise to show you how to get your materials out there?  If so, stop what you’re doing, open one of those bad boys up and study what it has to say.  The answer might already be where you are.  Downloading a new course isn’t going to get your course completed.  If you can do everything except the final steps, focus on that.  If a product doesn’t tell you, it might be time to hire someone with the special skills to do those tasks for you.

3.  Lack of a real product or service to offer.  So bottom line, what are you actually trying to sell online; and that’s the word to use.  Something to face is that maybe you just don’t want to go through the trouble of being an online entrepreneur, or any other type of entrepreneur?  Actually, you don’t really do business online, you market your business online.  Some businesses might be conducted fully on the web but you still have to offer a product or service in order to have a business.  Have you taken the time to figure out your actual business or are you trying to get ideas to follow by purchasing what everyone else is doing?  Take inventory of your hard drive to find your original offerings.  Are you writing articles that should be posted to your blog or an article directory?  Do you have the outline for a potential teleseminar that just needs tweeking to be finished and ready to promote?  are you writing emails to your mailing list to make offers? If so, it’s really time to just stop wasting your efforts, get focused, and start doing what’s necessary to create products people can purchase from you.

If any of this resonates with you, here’s some encouragement.  You can make a change starting today, right now, right after you finish reading this.

Stop to really decide what keeps you buying programs to take instead of using that time to do what you need to do.  Then go to the search function on the desktop, put in a topic that you know you have a lot of materials on and do a search.  For instance, I did this on the topic of “writing” so every product I had on that topic showed up.   You’ll probably find products scattered all over your harddrive which is why you forget you have them.  Take them from the search function and put them in one file where you can easily see everything you have on that topic.  Do this for all of the products you have.  You might not find them all depending on how they’re named but this is a good start.

Select one product you really want to use.  Make it the one you have the passion and interest in, then discipline yourself to go through the materials.  This might even be program at a membership site you forgot you were paying for on a monthly basis.  Whatever it is, find what you need right now to get the help you need to just start.  Then go through the materials.  Set aside a day to do this so you don’t linger and you give yourself an immediate push.  As you go through the program, outline what you need to start or complete your own product or service.  It might be an ebook or coaching program.  Just select one first thing to complete.

Finish going through the materials, then finish what you are creating. If you need help go to an online service site like or to hire help.  Just get it done, uploaded and ready to sell.

If you lack confidence in your ability to get something done, the way to find the confidence is to start doing what needs to be done. You have to finish up and get a win in your life by seeing a finished product that’s out in the world ready to go.  Make yourself a promise to stop taking and start doing today and be a more confident business woman today.