Business & Bible Women

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Consuelo Meux, Ph.D.,  (2012) Creative Executive Management, LLC. – Kindle

Bible Women and Today’s Business Women offers information and history on 27 women of the Bible along with mentoring and tips for the contemporary business woman. This content is similar to the original Business Women of the Bible series presented at the National Association of Christian Women in Business (NACWIB) that has motivated and inspired hundreds of subscribers over the years. As much as possible the information presents factual information so you can interpret the information according to your understanding.

Women from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible are featured in this study. You will learn ways to manage your business, become prosperous and serve God as you study the unique lives of these early women of faith. Some women of the Bible were business owners, leaders, community organizers, lawyers, politicians, and ministry leaders. Many were ordinary women living roles just like you. They were single and married. Some were a mother, grandmother, and daughter-in-law. Many had a job or a home-based business. They made mistakes, lived through great stress, and believed in God.

With each chapter you will

  • Find out where the woman’s story can be found in the Bible
  • Uncover who each woman was and what she accomplished
  • Discover the qualities and characteristics of each woman
  • Learn qualities and characteristics that you can imitate in your life and business
  • Determine ways to improve your business, balance your life, and manage your money while being in alignment with your God-given life calling.

You might recognize some of the women like Ruth, Esther, Lydia, and Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Some might be new to you, such as Bithiah, Miriam, Rizpah and Anna. The 27 women selected for this series were chosen because their stories can speak to the issues faced by the modern woman of faith in the marketplace.

That doesn’t mean each of these women worked in commerce in some way; but that they have actions that model ethical behavior, the ability to overcome hardship, wise thinking, and other functions that women in business need to succeed.

In this info-packed book, you’ll find the stories of how

  • One woman was like a president of the nation and the first female Army General
  • Quick actions let one widow become the wife of the King of Israel
  • Becoming a field worker resulted in the first “rags to riches” stories recorded in history
  • Jealousy caused one prominent community leader to suffer yet remain loved by the people she served
  • Businesses were successfully operated by women over the centuries

And so much more.

I hope you truly enjoy this book and find it encouraging to your heart and motivating to your business activities.