Bold Creativity

CBS-boldcreativity-01Bold Creativity for the Confident Entrepreneur, Pt.1, provides practical tips and steps the reader can immediately apply to use creativity at the organizational or entrepreneurial level.

Each chapter builds on important concepts so the reader can effectively apply the creative process in their professional situation with confidence.

  • Chapter 1 starts by broadly defining creativity then presents ways to foster creative thought in various situations.
  • Chapter 2 gives data on how a business can benefit by using creativity to capture a larger share of the growing diversity in the marketplace.
  • Chapter 3 reveals the often little understood concept of business culture and how actions by business leaders can limit creativity. It then gives the reader tips on how to move beyond these limitations to encourage creative thought.
  • The final chapter offers valuable details on why creative ideas are often rejected in the workplace before giving the reader tools to get their ideas accepted.

This information is useful for anyone who is trying to get ideas accepted by business decision makers. Anyone interested in applying creativity in business will find some new ideas in this book.

Available for purchase on Kindle – $2.99