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It’s Time to “Ramp UP” Your Blog!

Take 30 Days to Make Your Blog a More Effective Tool So You Can Write to Make a Difference!

Do you know a major reason why some web writers get more website visitors than others ? Because they learned to Ramp UP their daily blogging.

Blogging consistently can do wonders for your business. Some writers earn a living by blogging. Others drive loads of internet traffic to their website by blogging regularly.

Some of the biggest reasons writers don’t blog enough are rather common. These reasons include:

  • Running out of topics to blog about
  • Not finding the time to blog
  • The need to be a consistent blogger

If you could get past all of these issues, wouldn’t you use your blog more effectively to make a difference with your words?

Most of the time, writers and bloggers work alone. It’s easy to feel isolated. You think no one is listening to you out there in the Internet -phere. But, when you learn the secrets to effective blogging you can build a real community, gather clients, and find people to coach and buyers for your products and services.

Web Writer’s – Build a Better Blog

“This correspondence (coaching) has been very helpful. At a time when it would have been very easy to ignore and eventually forget about my own vision, this has kept me on the track. ” Diane, Fiber Artist, San Francisco

Here’s a chance to start blogging like a confident web writer. For the next 30 days, you can practice becoming a powerful business blogger.

This eCourse helps the web writer to understand how to use blogging to build a mailing list, grow relationships with readers, and create a stronger writing platform. This results in more visibility and success as a writer and business professional.

Here’s what you need to get through this course with flying colors —

  • You know how to make a blog post.
  • You’re really motivated to build a better blog.

If you can do those two things – you’re on the way to building a better blog.

Why Web Writer’s Will Benefits From This Course

  • This course is designed specifically for web writers who are working on building consistency in blogging. This is a great way to build confidence as a writer.
  • You will start developing a platform to highlight your writing. With multiple posts it’s possible your blog can start getting tracked by search engines, something every web writer needs.
  • Know more about how effective blogging works. If you’re a beginner or experienced blogger, you will learn new ideas about building a better blog.
  • You get enough materials to go through this course several times. It’s like getting two or three courses for the price of one – and who doesn’t love a useful, valuable bargain?

Here’s what you get with this course:

  • Daily power article – Get insiders ideas on blogging for web writers. These give you extra tools & resources to build your writing blog
  • 30 topic ideas – Have something specific to blog about each day. Put these ideas into action to become a more consistent blogger.
  • Resources and examples – Find places online where you can get more exposure for your writing to build your writer’s platform.

How to participate – Sign UP!

This course, valued at $127, is now yours for a one-time investment of ONLY $27, (that’s $100 off the valued price)! I’ve taught many courses on writing, blogging, SEO , article writing and publishing and always get loads of takers – because my methods work to bring increased visibility to your website.

I want to see as many writers become as confident and successful in blogging as possible as it is STILL one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site.

Let me thank you again for your educational and inspirational teleclass on Article Writing for the Internet. I’ve used the internet for years, but until I took your class it never “clicked” for me how I could participate in that big conversation in a way that will increase traffic to my website and grow the business that helps support my family.” Katie Christine Rhodes, LMP

Once you go through this course, you’ll be ready to use your blog as a more effective writing platform and business tool.

You can sign up immediately. This is delivered entirely as an eCourse, right to your email account. So as soon as you sign up the Course starts – and you can start building a better blog!

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Web Writers – Build a Better Blog

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