Pursuing Your Market

People need and want stuff.  What you want is to be able to find an identifiable group of people who want your stuff.  When you do that, you can design a marketing plan with potential for reaching that group of people and influencing them to make a buying decision for what you have to offer.

Confident business women learn to pursue their market in a variety of ways.  They don’t worry about learning each of the newest marketing techniques that pop up almost daily online.  That’s just a great way to get distracted and never reach a real goal.

To pursue your market, study them.  Learn what the market wants and needs.  Find out where they hang out and what they do there.  Hang out with them.  See what they read, eat, talk about.  Then find ways to relate to this group and be a part of them.  You want to let the target market know you relate them.

Do your homework so you can pursue your target market well.  You will have a good heads up next to other marketers who seem to the jump here and there, trying anything they can to get business from anyone with any product.

Did You Do Money-Making Activities Today?

Getting home this evening after 6 p.m. I stopped to reflect on how many money-making activities I had done today.  The answer is probably why I’m working late tonight.  Today was a day of volunteer work.  Nothing wrong with that.  I find volunteering for worthy causes has its own unique rewards. But one activity led to the next, then the next.  Soon the working day was primarily over, so it’s own to night work again.

I strongly believe any professional entrepreneur needs to be able to account for some activity that took their cash flow in a positive direction, each and everyday.  You wouldn’t have to work all day doing this; just be able to show that you did something towards cash flow.

That could have been creating a new product or service to sell.  Or it could have been implementing a new marketing concept that gets your product or service in front of the right market.  Perhaps you wrote a new blog post that was SEO focused or looked for a joint venture partner to help promote you to a broader audience.

The specific activity isn’t what matters, it’s that you took a step in the right direction.  If you can’t account for a money-making activity today, start adding up how may days go by like that, not doing something to further your money-making goal.  Having many of these days  will add up to a month that doesn’t reach up to your financial goals. The point is, make yourself accountable to do something significant to move towards bringing in cash every workday.  That adds up to success.

So write at least one blog post before turning in for the night – okay?  Just to be accountable, I’m working on a new ebook.

Fast Cash Service Business Ideas 6 – 10

To make cash fast, develop a business that offers services that others need.  That could include anything others have a keen interest in learning more about, can help them make money, feel better, get out of pain or have better relationships.  Here are an additional five services businesses to consider for fast cash generation.

  1. Online Events – An emerging category of need are for online event managers. Online conferences, teleseminars, webinars and other internet based events need planners who know the technology and can get Internet based events up and running.
  2. Tutoring – If you’re a teacher at heart with knowledge and skills needed by others, consider tutoring.  This also goes along with what I do, teaching at actual colleges or universities online. Become a tutor and you offer your services online or off.
  3. Graphic Design/Website Design – Design skills are always in demand.  Use your design talent to make money by helping people design their websites, create logos, and even book covers.
  4. Online Business Manager – New online entrepreneurs know little about the complexities of operating a complete business online.  If you can keep a business organized, come up with ideas, hire virtual help, and more, online business managers are needed.
  5. Virtual Assistant – With specialized skills in particular specialty areas, you can easily offer services as a virtual assistant. You might have a regular groups of clients that you service each month,  make appointments, upload content to websites, transcribe audio files, or monitor emails.

Which of these potential cash oriented service businesses work for you?