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Apple – The Wonder Food

Everyone knows about apples.  But the positive effect on women’s health is not always known.  Here are some quick facts on this healthy food that you might not know:

No matter your diet you can include apples.  If you’re vegan, vegetarian, raw, or love meats, apples can fit into the meal.

The skin of apples is rich in nutrients.  The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says the skin of apples is loaded with the antioxidant quercetin, a phytochemical with ani-inflammatory and heart protecting qualities. 

The phytochemicals in apples may reduce the growth and spread of cancer cells. 

Apples are 84% water which helps to keep you hydrated.  Getting dehydrated is a problem for many people. That means apples can help with daily water intake.

These super fruits are only 80 calories each, are fat-free, sodium-free, cholesterol-free and full of fiber, so they can help fill you up without plumping you up!

One apple is equivalent to about 1 cup of fruit.  The minimum amount of fruit you should have a day is two cups.  So each two apples and you’re on the way. 

To pick the freshest apples and keep them longer, buy apples with the stems intact.   Be able to smell their freshness and keep them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator away from strong odors.  They should keep for about 3 weeks this way. 


Collect Family Stories

The holiday season is here. Can you believe it? This year, make it extra special. Collect family stories.

Holiday times create a combination of good times, good food, and good stories. How many times have you heard a relative tell the same story? You know exactly how the punch line goes and you’re sure you’ll never forget it. Well, wait a few years. When that storyteller is no longer around and the story starts to fade you will be surprised how quickly the familiar story is forgotten.

How many wonderful family stories have gone undocumented over the years? Do you take your family history for granted not realizing that the “things” of your family can be wiped out very quickly? When Hurricane Katrina wiped out most of New Orleans, many of my family members fell victim to that hard truth. Family artifacts were wiped out in a 24 hour period. Several family members are still displaced and material things that were expected to pass from generation to generation are long gone.

But, we still have stories. Now the stories include tragedy and triumph over a natural disaster. The family history has changed. But the ability to engage in the sharing of legacy can’t be erased as long as the stories are shared and recorded.

Have you started writing your family memoirs? Do you record those stories that you think will be with you forever? What is that one story that you hear every holiday gathering? Write it out. Then be sure to have it with you during the holidays to see if you got all of the details correct.

Writing in Unexpected Spaces

It’s one of those mornings when I got up early expecting to have two important meetings, but neither of them happened due to scheduling errors.  As one dear friend wrote, – That’s Life, Things Happen.  I appreciated those words as they are certainly true and we need to be reminded of them when the unexpected happen.  I thought about lying down for a short nap but decided to use the energy I feel in the mornings to write instead.  I’ve come to know my productivity rhythm over the years.  It’s first thing in the mornings and early evening until late at night.  The afternoons are when I need to take a break; that’s when the web surfing starts along with other distractions.

Since I’m working on another book that I want to get posted to Kindle next week it gave me unexpected space to write in the space where there would have been two hours of meetings.  This book will make three on Kindle so far which is getting me closer to my goal of posting at least 6 Kindle books before the end of the year.  I love to write so this is the perfect challenge for me.  I got distracted from writing for several months this year and ended up with a lot of unfinished drafts.  The books I’m completing are coming from those drafts although I might develop a few from scratch.  I’ll also be creating a few audio products.  This morning I worked on a chapter in my book on Creativity and Creative Thinking in the Workplace that deals with stress.  I’m just finishing up a little over 2500 words on that chapter so taking a short break to write this post and then stretch (always remembering my own saying that we have to remember to move and eat to stay healthy).

These type of mornings used to get my schedule all off track.  I had to learn to take responsibility for unexpected empty spaces that occur when schedules change.  Instead of wasting that time it can be used to get another project completed.  I will admit that I did get a bit off track though .  I just looked up and it’s 1:00 PST and I’m having my first meal.  Fortunately, I have a wholesome vegetable salad waiting in the fridge to grab.  I love eating salads, could do that all day.  This one is made with loads of vegetables out of the Talley Farm fresh product basket we got last week and this week, lettuce, broccoli, fresh corn from the cob, tomatoes.  I added olives zucchini and a big splash of hemp seeds and raw walnut for more protein.  A bit of Balsamic vinegar was all it needed. This is a version of my Big Humungous Veggie Salad that I keep prepared consistently.

I guess the point of the post is to encourage you to find time from the unexpected cancellations to do something to show the love to your business.  Spend time developing a new product or service offering.  Write something like a new SEO blog post, record an audio, read a book to encourage your writing. This is a way to market your business while strengthening our writing skills.  Then take a break to eat a wholesome meal too.  Make the most of your highly productive time when it comes to you as an unexpected gift.

By the way, if you need help with your Kindle book project I have space for a few writing projects of coaching clients.    Drop me a line at






Working on Overload

How often do you feel that you’re working on overload? That is, you can’t get through your daily “to do” list because you keep adding stuff to it? The projects on the list take longer than expected by hours instead of minutes; interuptions are endless. That’s my life right now.

The first thing that wants to go by the wayside is my writing. But writing can’t go by the wayside. Writing has to be the first thing to stay in the forefront of life. When you write you release some of the pent up frustrations that want to claim your body and mind. Writing reaches down and pulls up emotions that would otherwise keep you preoccupied and unable to concentrate.

Are you feeling overloaded right now? What’s making you feel that way. Today, make your writing practice your “to do” list and write out the steps that you’ll take to get through realistic goals just for today. That way you’ll write, release some frustrations, and provide a goals guide for the rest of your day.

Confidence to Stop Taking and Start Doing

Are you a serial course buyer? Do you take every new fangled teleseminar sold by the latest guru so you feel you’re keeping up?  Has your “work” become downloading another new ebook or course that probably just get put into a file on your desktop and forgotten?  If so, you’re part of a very large group of women who want to be successful online but need to stop “taking” and start “doing.”  It’s the confident business woman who is the doer.

Listen, I understand. My desktop is so loaded with unopened ebooks and 4, 5, 8 course programs that it could be the newest virtual lending library.  One day I saw a program that I thought I just had to have, so at great expense I bought and downloaded up.  The very next day, I saw a completely similar program at only 1/10 the price.  Not only that, I did a search of my hard drive and found three other programs that had virtually the same content.

While all of this waste of money was going on I also had to admit that I hadn’t opened any of these program; so what good were any of them doing?  Here’s the thing.  At some point, you have to stop buying things and start implementing if you want to be a success online.  No amount of stuff is going to do the work for you.  Most likely you will only continue to make your work day a process of seeking out and buying stuff.  /Here’s why this happens.

1. Lack of confidence to get your products or services out there.  It’s so much easier to see what others have to offer instead of using your talents to get into the mix and offer something yourself.  What happens is you start buying things to see what others are doing.  How big is the product? How much do they offer for a particular price?  It’s fine to study the competition and get an idea of what’s in the marketplace, but after a while you know what’s there.  The sales letter pretty much told you already what you’re getting.  Some even give you the page count of what’s offered.  You know if the product is a teleseminar, webinar, .pdf’s, ebooks or audio or other format.  So be aware of the voice in your head telling you to take one more look before you get going on what you need to complete in order to get into the game.

2.  Lack of understanding on how to get finished.  You might be very ready to get into the game of offering what you produce to the world but have the really legitimate problem of not knowing how to complete the steps necessary to finish your products, upload them, set the price and start the sales process.  Take a review of the products you tend to purchase.  Do any other them promise to show you how to get your materials out there?  If so, stop what you’re doing, open one of those bad boys up and study what it has to say.  The answer might already be where you are.  Downloading a new course isn’t going to get your course completed.  If you can do everything except the final steps, focus on that.  If a product doesn’t tell you, it might be time to hire someone with the special skills to do those tasks for you.

3.  Lack of a real product or service to offer.  So bottom line, what are you actually trying to sell online; and that’s the word to use.  Something to face is that maybe you just don’t want to go through the trouble of being an online entrepreneur, or any other type of entrepreneur?  Actually, you don’t really do business online, you market your business online.  Some businesses might be conducted fully on the web but you still have to offer a product or service in order to have a business.  Have you taken the time to figure out your actual business or are you trying to get ideas to follow by purchasing what everyone else is doing?  Take inventory of your hard drive to find your original offerings.  Are you writing articles that should be posted to your blog or an article directory?  Do you have the outline for a potential teleseminar that just needs tweeking to be finished and ready to promote?  are you writing emails to your mailing list to make offers? If so, it’s really time to just stop wasting your efforts, get focused, and start doing what’s necessary to create products people can purchase from you.

If any of this resonates with you, here’s some encouragement.  You can make a change starting today, right now, right after you finish reading this.

Stop to really decide what keeps you buying programs to take instead of using that time to do what you need to do.  Then go to the search function on the desktop, put in a topic that you know you have a lot of materials on and do a search.  For instance, I did this on the topic of “writing” so every product I had on that topic showed up.   You’ll probably find products scattered all over your harddrive which is why you forget you have them.  Take them from the search function and put them in one file where you can easily see everything you have on that topic.  Do this for all of the products you have.  You might not find them all depending on how they’re named but this is a good start.

Select one product you really want to use.  Make it the one you have the passion and interest in, then discipline yourself to go through the materials.  This might even be program at a membership site you forgot you were paying for on a monthly basis.  Whatever it is, find what you need right now to get the help you need to just start.  Then go through the materials.  Set aside a day to do this so you don’t linger and you give yourself an immediate push.  As you go through the program, outline what you need to start or complete your own product or service.  It might be an ebook or coaching program.  Just select one first thing to complete.

Finish going through the materials, then finish what you are creating. If you need help go to an online service site like or to hire help.  Just get it done, uploaded and ready to sell.

If you lack confidence in your ability to get something done, the way to find the confidence is to start doing what needs to be done. You have to finish up and get a win in your life by seeing a finished product that’s out in the world ready to go.  Make yourself a promise to stop taking and start doing today and be a more confident business woman today.

Food and Cooking Memoirs

If anything gets you thinking of family memories it’s food and cooking. What do you wait for during the holidays? Those dishes that only get prepared once a year, right? I love food and cooking. I love it so much I became the designated family cook in the family after my mother had to give the job away. I had the patience to cook the food in that “old-fashioned” way that let the flavors simmer.

Cooking in our home meant starting a few days before the holiday meal. Preparations went well beyond just making the food list. It meant cutting, washing, mixing, pre-cooking, real cooking, and final cooking. Holiday cooking was a real chore. Though I seldom feel like really cooking anymore, I don’t have the heart not to. When family comes to my house for the holidays, they make it clear that they come for the home-cooked meal.

I can’t deny that I enjoy how everyone eats until their stomachs are stuffed. Then they sit around waiting for an inch of room to get into their stomachs so they can stuff them again with more food.

Memoirs around food and cooking can fit into almost any family memoir. Who was the designated cook in your family for the holidays? Was it you? Write about your experiences with learning to be the cook. What was it like the first time, waiting to get reactions from your meal? Do you still carry on the traditions or have you started to give the responsibility to another member of the family?

Draw and Write

I saw the cutest family cookbook memoir today. A friend showed me her family keepsake. Not only did she have family recipes from the 1800’s, the cookbook included hand drawings of seating arrangments for the holidays. Apparently, her family was really into the etiquette thing and wanted to establish how the table was set and everything.

Family memoirs can include anything of importance in your family. Even if it wasn’t important to everyone else, you can record that memory too. Baby boomers have many memories that are unique so get them down as they come back to you.

What type of food memories do you have? Can you remember where everyone sat at the table during the holidays? This is a great time of the year to write a bit on food memories. Go for it!

Is it Stuff or Meaning Making?

So I’m writing this piece, right? I put myself in the chair and just start typing away. The words are flowing and they sound great. I hit save and yes, I’ve done my writing for the day. But I wonder, have I made meaning in my life with this or did I just write stuff?

Writing is such a powerful medium. The emotions it brings out in the writer go unnoticed most of the time. Yet writing is a medium that can be used for healing because of the ability to put on paper things that won’t come out in verbal words. Some couples find their primary way to communicate is through writing notes to each other. If that works, let it work.

Making meaning can just happen with the writing. At times, I ask myself, “Did I really do anything except put stuff on the paper this morning?” Maybe the anwer is , “No, that’s all you wrote — stuff.”

But still, words flowed. Everyday is not a day to be profound. But everday when you write your feelings to paper, you do something to help the words know that they don’ have to be stuck inside. They matter and have a life.

Get the words out. When the sufff is out, you can get to other wriitng. You can make everything count for meaning. Just keep writing and keep seeking to get to what counts for your writing goal.

Write stuff today. That is, deliberately write stuff that has been holed up inside for too long. Put on the timer and let the stuff flow. Then sit back and let the meaning making come out that was hiding behind the stuff you denied writing for so long.

Starting to Write about Your Life

When you think about your life what comes to mind? Do you freeze up because you only remember the overall bad stuff, the pains, confusions, or bad decisions? Let’s get that out of the way first and foremost. Being unsure about what to put on paper can be a great way to bring about writer’s block.

Here’s a first tip to consider as you think about writing your legacy through your memoirs: You control what you put on paper.

That is a major reason why writing your memoris are so important. You have the chance to share thoughts, dreams, adventures and memories that you may not have every shared before.

Others in the family see the outside person, but not all can know the inner you; the one that likes to laugh, who sees butterflies in the grass and the grasshopper sitting on the branch invisible to the rest of the world.

You could have dreams that no one would imagine. Someone once asked me where I really wanted to travel to in life. When I said “Venice and Greece” he was shocked. His preconceptions of who I am as a person didn’t match the reality of my personal dreams.

Would your children know that you wanted to see Botswana? Would they think you were satisfied to get to Las Vegas? If you don’t tell people who you really are, they will keep a vision of you created from what they see and their imagination and perceptions.

Start thinking deeper about your life. Think about the real you, not just the situations that you experienced. While all of this can go into the memoir, you decide what goes in and stays out. Start from that point and begin making notes as memories come back to you.

Write Your Legacy Memoir

How will you be remembered after your life is over? Surely you’ve thought about that. People are remembered. That’s for sure. You will be remembered. Your life matters. And each day, as you live in relationsihp wtih others, you touch the lives of others who will remember you.

But you can also be sure that you are remembered in ways that are important to you. Create your legacy through words. Write your memoirs. It’s easier than you might think to put your remembrances in writing. Follow this blog and you will learn how.