Confident Entrepreneurial Persistence

Whether you’ve been in business for two days or for ten years there’s one common denominator, being an entrepreneur is hard work. It requires patience, perseverance, and persistence. Let’s face it, sometimes the desire to persevere can wane. You might lose your momentum and your business mojo from time to time. That’s to be expected and it’s the time when you take stock of what you’ve accomplished and where you want to go. However, you can reduce these times and have more entrepreneurial persistence by embracing the following tips and steps.

#1 Why Do You Want It?

It’s much easier to be persistent and to put one foot in front of the other, despite failures, if you know why you want it? What is your goal and what’s the motivation behind the goal? If you’re unsure then step back and spend time figuring it out. This is important. If you don’t know your why then the how, what, and when are much more difficult to follow through on. Vision boards are often recommend for new entrepreneurs. This may be a super approach for you. And if you’ve worn the entrepreneur hat for a few years consider reinventing your vision board, chances are a few things have changed in the past few years.

#2 It’s a Chipper

Generally, success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of work and more baby steps than you can count. Accept that. Embrace it. It’s much easier to take many small steps toward a goal than to try to achieve a handful of monumental steps. In the fitness industry any workout that requires many different movements over a long period of time is called a chipper. It means that you just have to chip away at the workout. The same is true for your business and business goals.

#3 Support Matters

Create processes and systems that support you to succeed and identify people who can support you as well. By building a team of people who are behind you whether you succeed or fail you’ll be able to hang onto a positive mindset. Attitude is essential for perseverance. Additionally, when your systems support you to succeed every step you take along the way is much easier to manage.

Perseverance is the ability to stick with it, to follow through, and to remain steadfast even during times of struggle. It’s an entrepreneurial requirement. Understand your motivation and your reasons for your business actions and decisions. Accept that the process may be difficult. Finally, build in support systems and positive people who are there to help you along the way.

Generate Cash Flow with Big Ideas

Generating cash flow is a #1 concern for business owners.  Doing so means coming up with and following through with big ideas.  Unfortunately, it is too common for people to come up with big ideas then fail to follow through with them.

There’s no simple fix to this issue because there are many reasons why you might drop an idea, even a good one.  You might be:

* too busy

* unsure how to  make it happen

* dealing with an idea that’s too

* having an idea that’s too abstract and unclear

* busy with too many other priorities

* forgetting to create deadlines or a sense of urgency

* working without needed support

* facing too many obstacles

* afraid or doubt your ability to see it through

Do you find one of your reasons in any of the categories above?  It may not be exactly as presented but you get the idea. The important thing is to first identify the reason (or excuse) you use to not follow through with a potentially good cash generating idea. Only then can you work on turning things around to make your idea or dream a reality.

Set a Goal

What most of the reasons have in common is that there is no goal for any of them. To generate cash, set a clear, feasible goal.  For example, when an idea is too big it means you haven’t turned it into a workable cash generating goal. If your big idea is to make money from your book that isn’t a tangible goal. However, if you decide to earn $1000 from book sales by June 30th, that is a goal. You break this goal into smaller more manageable steps.

Scrutinize your big idea to determine exactly what it can do to make it into something that generates attention and cash.  Figure out what you need to make the results happen.  Could it be more help those skilled in areas where you’re not so strong?  Do you need to break it down into steps?  Do you need to offload other tasks so that you can make your idea a priority?  Do you need a renewed commitment to reach the goal?

Make it Happen

Following through on your big ideas in order to generate cash mean making daily action a habit. Once you’ve scrutinized and assessed your idea and discovered how to make it more manageable, you can then create an action plan. Decide how much you want to earn from the idea.  Then decide what you need to do every day to achieve your goal.  Small steps lead to big results. Your daily action doesn’t need to be huge, it just needs to happen.   Keep records on how much you earn each day and altogether to see if the big idea is worth repeating or continuing as a part of your business.

Market Your Business with Interesting and Valuable Content

Marketing your business on the Internet is becoming more competitive than ever. That means you need to be sure your content strategy has clear and specific goals.  It’s necessary to drive traffic, build awareness, boost authority and more. In order to accomplish any of those goals your content needs to be value driven and fresh. However, it can be difficult to consistently create valuable and interesting content ideas.

Embrace Boldness

It doesn’t require that you become a controversial person or brand to embrace the power of being bold in how you present you and your beginning.  Identify controversial and timely news topics and help provide insight and information with bold content of interest to your readers.  Actually many marketers avoid controversial topics. By embracing these topics head on, you position yourself as someone that’s unafraid to face controversy, but also as a business that’s on the cutting edge and confident in your voice. You’ll also spark many discussions and gain much more attention for your content than your competition.

Bring Out the Skeletons

Every industry has a few skeletons in the closet. We’re talking about the questions no one asks and the secrets that everyone knows but no one talks about. Instead of avoiding these topics, take them on. You’ll open up an abundance of opportunities to create compelling content. You’ll also help many people work through problems with such issues.  Generally, when there are forbidden topics there are many people who need help. Keep in mind that you don’t have to tackle these topics head on, you can take a humorous angle or share a personal story to give them a unique appeal.

Make it Simple

When dealing with bold ideas and topics you don’t want to get too complicated.  Instead, make your content as simple and understandable as possible.  Blog posts can be short and too the point.  Published articles only need about 300 words.  Outline content to make it simple and clear. Instead of giving five tips in one article, write five articles of one tip each.  Enhance each tip to create an entire article. As you’re seeking interesting and valuable content ideas, use your own content outlines and topic research as the foundation. This will let you produce more content and each piece will provide the value and interest your audience seeks.

The next time you sit down to brainstorm, research, and plan your content keep these tips in mind. Research the current controversial topics for your niche. Take a look at the questions people just don’t answer or don’t want to talk about. Finally, remember that each topic idea that you imagine, usually has the potential to provide several different pieces of content. Break it down to the simplest level.