How Do You Care For Yourself?

When was the last time you stopped to take care of yourself?  In the morning before leaving for work or to start a hectic day, how do you care for yourself first?

The question might seem philosophical, therefore one to just ponder for a while.  But in fact, it’s extremely practical, meaning it is one to use, to put into practice in order to change behavior.

Self-care is really under-rated in American society and perhaps in many other societies too and particularly with women.  For some reason, it seems less than professional to stop and take care of self instead of always being on the go, taking care of others. 

A lack of self-care means facing a potential deteriorating of effectiveness in all aspects of your life over time.  For example, without good nourishment, your cells will become undernourished.  This can lead to all types of diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes and more.  With this, you begin to diminish in effectiveness and abilities to function at a peak level. 

If you are consistently tired, worn-out, your brain is not functioning at peak levels. You’re drawing on adrenaline to keep going, over-taxing your adrenal glands and causing fatigue to overtake your body.

Not caring for your skin can cause you to look older.  Your skin will be less fresh, having dead cells that make your appearance seem dull and faded.  

If you are a professional woman, all of these things can have a negative effect on your ability to appear energetic and productive.  The competition in the world is fierce.  Self-care could be the factor that allows you to be selected over the competition for the big deal or promotion because your “look” exudes confidence and potential.

Think again about the question, “How do you care for yourself?” This time, think about the real, practical ways you do this on a regular basis and what you can do to improve the response.

Simplicity of Foods

Putting delicious dishes together doesn’t to be complex.  I always wonder why people say they don’t’ like to cook, but coming from a tradition of cooks who spend the whole day in the kitchen, I can understand when people think cooking has to take to much time out of a busy day.

That was my experience until just recently.  I started using the Healthiest Foods in the world cookbook a few months ago and realized that the meals were very simple.  While I was used to having at least four sections of a plate filled with a different dish, I noticed that only one or two dishes were presented in each meal.  This downsizing was odd to me at first.  The question was would there be enough food?  Would the eaters be satisfied with only two tastes instead of multiple ones? 

As I gave into this way of cooking I soon realized how much the palette enjoys the simplicity of pure flavors brought on by only a few tastes. For instance,  a piece of salmon on a bed of pureed peas.  A scoop of Lima beans cradled in the hollow of low-fat mashed potatoes.  Very comforting and providing the ability to actually taste the foods.

Simple cooking protects the meal from being too muddled with so many seasoning that you can’t guess what’s in them.  Of course, there are times for complex seasonings, such as in curries or some Southern foods.  But as I think of it, I know that I was always amazed at how simple the cooking was in Creole cooking from New Orleans, yet the tastes were so rich and hearty.   There was something about the skill of molding flavors together in just the right way.

After this month of eating simply, I’ve learned the pleasure of eating only one food at a time.  A baked sweet potato with just a teaspoon of coconut oil and a bit of sea salt.  A salad of simple lettuce, tomatoes and avocado with a squeeze of lemon.  A baked squash pureed with a dash of cinnamon and red pepper flakes.  Simple, pure and delicious.  The whole mouth feel is different as this allows you to really taste your food. 

There’s a lot to be said for the simplicity of foods.  Perhaps approaching cooking and food preparation in this way will make a difference for the home cook who depends on take-out instead of firing up the stove or learning a few quick and easy no-cook raw recipes to satisfy the taste and nutritional needs.

Season of Detox – Day 28!

Yeah – Success!  My 28 days of detoxing in raw/vegan format has been successfully completed.  I feel successful, healthy, lighter, and fulfilled in this attempt.  I haven’t stepped on a scale but I know I’ve lost weight because of a much flatter mid-section, ad clothes fitting much better.  In fact, I’ve moved from a large in several outfits to a medium; that’s huge.  All in 28 days without being hungry or feeling deprived.

This is the longest detox I’ve completed.  I would suggest to anyone to give this a go.  All you do is bring healthier, wholesome foods into your system for a month.  You eat what is fresh and easy to prepare and known to bring antioxidants and nutrients to your cells.  After spending this time caring for my health I can only look forward to encouraging more people to do the same.  I could continue on my path to coach on business development which I will always do for those that want it.  However, I know there is nothing as important as your health.  Once that’s gone all of the money in the world won’t do anything to make your life better.

Take care of yourself now.  During this month alone, I’ve heard of two people with issues with inflammation, one with diabetes, one with a bacterial infection.  Except for the infection, the others could have been helped or maybe even avoided with the proper nutrition.  My bet is that none of the people involved knew this or specifically what to eat or drink to help themselves.  I’ve also learned this month that diabetes in the US has become epidemic.  this is another disease that can be monitored through diet and exercises.  Yet that information is not fully out there.  There’s a lot of work to do in the field of healthy eating and nutrition.  I want to be a major player in helping this happen.

For those of you that followed this detox I want to thank-you for your support.  Now that I’ve chronicled the process, you can follow this as you go through your detox or just to get a sense of some of the issue you might face during your detox.    Also, I hope you will experiment with raw foods and detox foods.  Another process I will keep is eating primarily vegan with a high percentage of raw foods.  I feel my digestion is much better, and I’m anxious to have my cholesterol levels checked to see how they have changed.  I’ve been exercising more and with better results and believe I actually look younger.

For the last time, I will share my daily meals.  After my morning green smoothie, I ate some black-eyed peas and cabbage for lunch.  Later in the afternoon, I had a green salad with tomatoes and carrot dressing.  Dinner was an absolutely scrumptious broccoli stir-fry with tofu, mushrooms, and a bit of miso.  Yum- I wrote that recipe done for the cookbook Ill be writing later this year.

I intend to finish my book the Seasoned Women’s Wellness Guide in a few weeks, get the new website introduced and start gearing up with new products and services.  I hope you’ll become a part of my healthier community this year and at least start around to read the blogs reports and so much more!