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Champion Communication Skills: Communicating So Everyone Listens

Do you know what you’re saying when you don’t speak? Communication isn’t just verbal. In fact, over 80% of what you communicate is nonverbal. Poor communication is one of the primary reasons why organization initiatives fail and leadership goals get derailed. You can be an effective communicator by participating in this training where you will:

  • Recognize nonverbal habits that communicate louder than words
  • Harness effective listening skills
  • Communicate appropriately with different cultures and genders
  • Build communication confidence and a climate of trust
  • Verbally demonstrate critical thinking abilities
  • Practice “transparent communication” skills
  • Find 5 ways to communicate ideas so they always get accepted

Top Tips for Marketing in a Tight Economy

No doubt about it, knowing how to bring attention to you and your business is a skill no one can avoid. Marketing doesn’t have to be hard, expensive or tedious. In fact, it can be easy, fun, inexpensive (or free) and something even the shyest professional can learn to enjoy. In this training you’ll get top tips for marketing in any economy:

  • Marketing for any type of personality
  • Use basic business tools to leave an impact
  • Harness the power of Internet Marketing
  • Market even if you’re “shy”
  • Low to No-Cost Marketing for Maximum Exposure

Take Resistance Out of Hiding

Are you really facing resistance to change or could hidden factors be causing conflicts? Knowing the heart of resistance to change can make the difference between organizational success and failure. This training will reveal seven hidden conflicts that can sabotage personal or organization change efforts. In this training you will know:

  • Seven conflicts that often show up to hinder change
  • Little known areas of organizational resistance
  • A systems perspective of change
  • How different people view change
  • Overcome barriers to effectiveness
  • Measure when change hurts more than it helps

Strategies for Making Diversity Improve Your Bottom Line

In this shrinking international world, does you organization tap the richness of diversity? The success of any organization depends on how it creates and environment for open communication, encouragement of diverse ideas and different ways of doing things. This program is geared to help you learn:

  • How diverse diversity really is when it comes to organizations
  • Benefits of implementing diversity awareness for your organization
  • How avoid law suits, mass migration of talented workers and bad publicity.
  • Understanding how diversity effects the use of technology in organizations
  • Turn diversity into a competitive advantage for your organization.
  • Learn American business etiquette skills that work in any culture

Building Teams that Last

Whoever said there is no “I” in a TEAM forgot their is a “I” in a WIN. Each member, working in a team setting must have a winner’s desire to succeed for the team to achieve its purpose. Participants in this training learn:

  • Inspire team members to embrace a winners desire to succeed for the team
  • Must-know dynamics of team building
  • Inspiring employees to be “change ready”
  • Implementing extraordinary socializations processes
  • Brainstorming instead of storming
  • Your role as a maximum impact team player: feedback, focus, vision,
  • 7 proven characteristics of successful teams
  • How to hang together in uncertain times

Embracing Trends and Managing Change

Everything is changing: People change, organizations change, businesses change the world is changing. That means being aware of emerging trends and embracing them early for success. If you don’t see trends you miss making necessary changes in organizations. One powerful secret to success is to know that “as things change; change things!” Through this training, you will strengthen your change readiness and be valuable to others when change happens. Participants in this training learn how to:

  • Understand the process of change
  • Be a positive force in the change process
  • Practice change implementation strategies
  • Recognize reactions changes brings for diverse populations
  • Let go of the old in order to embrace the new
  • See change as a motivating factor for innovation
  • Help others to accept business and personal change

Thriving in Times of Change

When you don’t want change, change happens anyway. Change without participation comes at a cost. Organizations and individuals that accept change as a needed aspect of growth remain creative, focused and positive. You will learn how to:

  • Take control of change before it takes control of you
  • Recognize and take care of “ME” issues that can stifle forward movement
  • Avoid being victimized by fear and flawed perceptions
  • Forecasting methods to let you spot trends
  • Invigorate your creativity and productivity in uncertain times
  • 5 Steps to remain focused when everything is in chaos.
  • Who to associate with to remain focused