Is Keyword Writing for You or Your Reader?

There you are, laboring over your keywords. Writing used to be quick and easy for you but now you worry about keyword density, keyword placement and all those other keyword issues.

But what’s a keyword for anyway?

Web writers often wonder if writing using proper keyword density is for the web site writer or for the reader? Well the answer to that is – keyword writing is for both the writer and the reader.

You, the writer benefit by using keywords through the increase in traffic your website or blog receives when an interested reader finds your content. Keywords are the driving force on the web that brings readers to what you have to offer.

Therefore, keyword writing is for the benefit of the writer.

But wait – there’s more.

Readers won’t stay at your site very long if they don’t find what they want and find it fast. Online readers are not like literary readers who are willing to let you tease them by setting the scene for your story before getting to the point. The online writer is rather spoiled. She wants to get to the point fast. That reader clicks to your site and expects to see some type of evidence that you have what she’s looking for before giving you the chance to go on.

Having the right keywords front and center at the beginning of your web page are a key to keeping the reader at your site long enough to get him to do what you desire. And actually, online, you want to get readers to do what they want to do – that is, buy something, find something, order something, learn something.

So keywords are for your readers benefit too.

Looks like keyword writing works for everyone online. Getting keyword content written just for you could be the best business move you make in 2009.