Learning to Focus

By committing to write each day I become conscious of how I focus my writing or not. I realize that a lot of my writing is not focused on a particular project. I like to respond to emails, write notes concerning creativity clients, and engage in other distractions. I’ve committed to finishing a book over the next few months which means I must open the file to write on that book for an hour per day. I’ve decided to use my kitchen timer to make sure I stay put for an hour of writing. It doesn’t always work. The timer does; it’s on. But staying focused on the project doesn’t always work.

I’ve become more aware of the ways I allow myself to be distracted. It’s so much more fun to just jot down information and notes, start new projects, and let my “Monkey mind” hop all over the place than to focus. Focusing and writing takes real discipline. Disciplined writing is something the writer must practice.

Have you stopped to think about the focus of your writing? Do you stay focused long enough to reach your writing goals for each day?